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Oct 7

ds2's school was taking part in the event where kids all over the world will read the same story on the same day, to raise funds for other needy children. Funds will be used for education, to buy books, set up libraries and so on for kids.

Last year, the boys were in Tianjin and their school also took part. Then, it was the story "The Hungry Caterpillar". The school had this giant caterpillar move around and the kids had fun acting and reading the story and doing many activities.

I was delighted that ds2's school was taking part this year too. Sad that ds1's school didn't. Most primary schools in Sg didn't take part.

This year's story is "A Snowy Day". It is a lovely story, imaginative, and well-illustrated. Kids can learn a lot from it. There are many activities that can be done too. Unfortunately, it is not so easy in tropical Sg.

ds2's P suddenly called me up to ask if I can help out. Initially, it was just asking if I can volunteer to read, but in the end, when we were discussing, and the P was saying the teachers in school would all jump at the chance to help me take care of dd while I read the story to all the kids. At this, I started to wonder. Cos dd has entered the stage of stranger awareness and separation anxiety. She absolutely sticks to me and if a stranger carries her, she cries.

After discussing, I volunteered Dh. I said that'd make everyone less stressed. Cos I'd have to do 20min readings to the playgroup class, toddler class, nursery then kindy. All these add up to quite a long time. I said I'd still go and help, but I'd carry dd myself and Dh will do the reading.

The P thought for a while, and was hesistant. She said she felt Dh was a quiet and introverted personality. My jaw almost dropped. I wanted to guffaw loudly into the phone! Fortunately I could control myself and informed her that there would be no problem. That Dh had acting background.

He acted in the Tan Kah Kee play in Sec school and was one of the impt roles. In JC, he joined the HuangChengYeYun each year and also acted in key roles. Even in Uni, he was still acting in outside productions. He performs violin/ viola solo and in groups and in orchestras all the time. He sings so loudly. Hmmm, quiet? Introverted? Those who know him would laugh too.

So she said ok, and said the teachers would take care of all the activities/ art and craft and decorate the school/ music room. All we had to do was come and read the story. She also had props but I said we can bring our own.

ds2 was excited that we were all going to his school. His friends all chanted dd's name over and over when we reached. The tr had to stop them. I signalled sorry to her for disrupting the class. They said no problem, she's too cute, that's why.

All the teachers in his school were clamouring to carry her. Unfortunately she was very uncooperative. She makes me embarrassed all the time cos people love her and want to carry her but she'll cry and reject them.

Anyway, this is their breakfast time. I really love their classroom, wonderful view that makes the room look airy and bright.

Dh went to the music room to prepare his music Cd and props. I put dd there too.

The different classes started streaming in. The playgroup consists of kids 18mth to 2yrs old. They were mostly attentive and interested but they did not respond as appropriately when asked Qs. Probably Dh and I haven't attuned ourselves to that level yet, cos the Qs he asked could've been a bit tougher. It has been awhile since we had an 18mth old kid, you see!

Then the toddlers (2-3yrs) came in. They were livelier and laughed a lot more. They also squealed and jumped around when Dh did anything funny. So it was more fun.

This pic shows everyone trying to make snow angels like how Jack did in the story.

The Chinese teacher of the toddlers managed to hold dd for a while!

After just 20min, the kids had bonded so much with Dh they didn't want to leave. They all hugged him before saying goodbye. So sweet. This age is so fun.

After that, the Nursery kids had their turn. They're between 3-4 years old.

Then the K1 and K2 kids, incl ds2, came in.

They responded the best, asked the most Qs and were very spontaneous. They reacted quickly when the cotton snow balls were thrown and at once started a "snow ball fight" that was read out in the story too. The younger kids were more "blur".

After the story, all the kindy kids posed for a pic, together with the trs and P.

Dad and son had a good time bonding together too. That's why I am all for schools who are open to parents participating and for schools who invite parents to their field trips and to volunteer.

I like the convenience of the kindy below my apt. They also have a pretty good curriculum and programme and is much less expensive than ds2's current school. Besides the fact that they have no space for ds2, they were very reluctant to let parents into the classrooms. They didn't want us to observe, neither did they welcome parents on field trips.

I wonder why. I always think schools who try to keep parents out must be hiding something?

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