Sunday, August 15, 2010 ;
11:18 PM
dd's 3rd and 4th teeth, her upper incisors, sprouted. About several days ago.

She mouthed too many unknown objects during the teething so had diarrhoea. That's common enough.

But then, coupled with this week's too many hectic events jumbled together, I fell sick again, and this time worse than the last cos I had high fever for 2 days, a splitting headache, sore throat, then later runny nose, cough... the works... definitely a flu..

I still had to nurse, so dd got the virus too. She's now down with cough, runny nose and high fever.

I'm typin with one hand now, while carrying her with the other arm. She doesn't want to leave my arms when she is sick. sigh...

Dh has taken over the cooking, cleaning and caring of the boys. Thankfully my mom came over to cook and help out or a while also, when Dh had to work.

Somehow, even with that splitting headache, I would lie in bed, wondering if Dh pressed the correct settings on the washing machine. I worried if he'd put the correct amt of laundry powder... and then, if he put the delicates in the netted bag... Then when laundry is done (i can hear the beep from my room), I wonder if he'd put my delicates, nursing wear, or some of his shirts in the dryer, which would totally shrink and ruin them.

I know, i know, maybe that's why I got that headache in the 1st place??

ok, i tell myself, let go, relax, just sleep.... Can finally shirk off all housework and rest, why not milk it??

Then I hear the boys fighting in the study room... shouted for them to stop... and I woke the nursing princess beside me. She wails, and ok, there goes my "could-have-been" 2 hour nap?

I know, I brought it all upon myself... but, can a SAHM really ever totally rest??

I've compromised on a lot already...

I let the boys watch DVDs and run amok around the house. We started ordering tingkat service (home-cooked food delivery service)...

This 2nd one is funny. I ordered only 2 persons portion so I still get to cook something to add on yet it takes the pressure off me, if I had a bad day and can't produce a decent meal in time.

(Ever wondered why men are better cooks? cos when the women cook, they have to juggle slinging a crying baby, listening to eldest son's complaints of what the bully on the school bus did to him, and supervising a showering 2nd son in the bathroom... seriously... and the sons keep shouting for a snack cos they're hungry every 5 min already...)

Yup, so Dh cooked today and was proud of his efforts. It was truly tasty but fortunately he didn't say he cooked better, else I'll point out to him that he had all the time to prepare his ingredients, chop them nicely and then fry them, without any disturbance cos the kids were all with me.

Ok, the final thing I was very thankful to Dh for, was that he brought the kids out so I could really rest. He knew that I got easily distracted by the boys' or dd's noises, so he got the boys out kite flying or cycling.

But the outing that most impressed me was he brought dd out alone, to Jurong Point. He managed to get something repaired at a shop there, buy groceries from NTUC, and also buy honey at the basement shop before coming home. It was at least an hour. Dd is not easily managed when you bring her out, as long as the person is not me. Furthermore, to accomplish other tasks along the way as well, that is really a bonus.

Dh said he enjoyed the outing with her cos he had women swarming all around him, behind, in front, left and right.... It doesn't matter that they were all oogling at dd, he lapped up all the attention anyway...


rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

10:51 AM
Sharing something about Math:

Odd and Even numbers: a rhyme ds2 learnt from school.
Source not credited cos ds2 doesn't know where it came from. If anyone knows, pls tell us!

"If you are an even number, you always have a pair.
So if you look around, your buddy will always be there.
But if you are an odd number, there's always a lonely one.
He looks around to find his buddy, but he's the only one."

For Chinese, ds2 has continued to learn several other Chinese poems. Now I have lost count and I cannot keep up already. Especially after my bout of cough/ flu/ fever.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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