Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ;
12:07 AM
20 Mar

ds2 wanted an animal party like ds1's last year. So it was easy for us this time round for the decor and stuff. We were able to reuse some ideas and stuff.

Food-wise, I wanted something I was able to do easily and required minimal supervision on the day itself because I can foresee that having dd around would be my hands are tied most of the time.

So I decided on cupcakes instead of the traditional birthday cake. And to reduce the time I need for decorating, I decided that the party activity would be to let the kids and parents decorate the cupcakes themselves. This way, I need not think of any craft or party activity and also need not worry about decorating, cutting and distributing cake.

What about the birthday song and candle blowing then? I could use cupcake candle toppers but ds2 didn't care. So I decided to have the song during pinata time. He was agreeable. He said it's cool. ha. He learnt to say "cool" from school and used it in any context he wants. So funny.

I seldom use the word "cute" at home or on them as well, but lately he likes to say "it's soooo ccccute" also. Definitely learnt it from the girls at school.

For the cupcake decoration, I bought a no. of usual kid favourites like honey stars, milo balls, raisins, mini marshmallows, gummies, M&Ms, mini cookies, animal biscuits, and the hundreds and thousands. Then I made a batch of icing.

The boys requested for the face paints again. They really like it, so we got the face paints out. Everyone had something drawn.

Face paints (and costumes, for that matter) have the power to let the kids suddenly assume other roles and at once they want to act crazy. They certainly unleashed their wild imagination and had loads of fun playing together.

In the pic, you will notice words on the cardboard boxes too. ds1 and ds2 each drew and coloured one of the words. They did that before 10am when they were totally getting into my way.

I was already in a rush getting everything ready before 10am cos dd had been fussy and demanding the whole night and early morning, wanting to nurse ever so often. I also had to sling her wherever I went and whatever I did. Yet the boys kept wanting (with good motives) to help with this and that which would slow everything down or mess things up.

Thus, I asked them to help with decor. Directed them to the boxes and asked them to draw and write. Initially wanted "welcome" but they later did this, which is fine. It got them safely occupied in that spot for at least an hour, cos the lettering was big and it took really a long time to fill in that big area with a tiny marker. I am a genius! (for providing tiny markers, haha)

This activity below was an impromptu one which actually got all the kids interested too. Very funny. Mx wanted to try ds1's violin then R saw and wanted to try as well. So Dh passed him ds2's very tiny violin he used when he was 2 yrs old. They had a lot of fun. I guess that counted as a party activity then, cos it engaged all the guests for some time. haha.

Then cupcake decorating began.

ds2 was on a high. He was feeling so happy he posed like that for me.

Each child also brought their favourite animal. We used that in the games later. We borrowed dd's cot to place all the animals and called that the petting zoo.

Everyone then tucked into their cupcakes after showing everyone their creations. There were many creative and surprising things the guests did with their cupcakes. I took pics of every creation.

Then Ch came from her ballet class. She was having her cupcake while one of the games was in progress. ds2's turn to pick his animal from the zoo and say 3 interesting facts abt it. It was fun. ds1 was in charge of all the games. He gave instructions, explained the rules and hosted the games. It was funny watching him take charge.

He barked out orders, bossed the kids around and directed them like a commander. Sometimes, he sounded like me, and it makes me partly embarrassed, partly cringing, and partly amused. It is exactly how I shout at the kids, and make them do the things I want them to, and in my own way. I realised he sounded way too authoritarian. (I did tell him, after the party, that with his peers he needs to tone down somewhat. Cos he is not their mom, so he cannot mimic me... :-))

The younger ones can just hold up their toys and say the names. R is with his dodo bird here.

ds2 gave out the animal canvas goody bags and then the party favours. This particular one is shaped as a cross, with different colours, and acts as a keychain cum carabiner. There were stickers and notepads too, all animal and critter-themed.

Dh (as well as me) managed to have a lot of fun too. One moment he was folding paper airplanes with the other dads, and then he was terrorising the toys and setting a bad example for the kids by acting out many aggressive and violent acts between the soft toys. He made them fight and made the beaver swallow the whole dodo bird with disgusting sound effects. Then he laughed maniacally.

Is it any wonder why ds1 acts the way he does when the dad hasn't grown up yet?

For the pinata, it was too hastily made this year. Didn't work very smoothly again despite some last minute salvage work by Dh. I used a Body Shop recyclable paper bag, and a whole load of goodies wrapped in newpapers as the pinata. I taped the newspaper bundle to the bottom of the bag and then got ds1 to tape the ribbons to the external bottom of the bag.

Later when I saw it, I realised my instructions were not clear enough. He didn't use long enough tape and when I tried tugging the ribbons, I found the tape was not suitable. The tape was not sticky enough and it would come off the bag rather than rip out the bag when pulled.

Last minute, I had a lot of other stuff to see to, cleaning up in the kitchen, making the icing for the cupcake and so on. So I got Dh to help fix the pinata. He slit holes in the bag and stuck duct tape and masking tape (stronger than the tape ds1 used) into the bag and onto the newspaper inside as well. It felt much more promising.

However, in the end, it still didn't tear too much when everyone was done pulling on the ribbons. So Dh was shaking the mop handle connected to the pinata. It was all very funny. We laughed till our tummies hurt.

On hindsight, we were viewing the video clip (can be found on FB), and decided that every party needs to have some blips and bloops to be memorable and for everyone to have a good laugh. Our wedding was like that too.

The kids were so happy when everything fell out. The big rush for the candy and chocs made Dh comment that pinatas encourage greed and violence in kids. Everyone laughed and started adding comments on how bad pinatas and birthday parties are... It was all in good fun.

This year, I really toned down on the candy. I used to fill up pinatas with mostly candy, and lollies. This year, considering the guests I invited who were all health-conscious, and myself having to control the boys in their sugar intake since their teeth are predisposed to decays, I put raisins, marshmallows, cookies, biscuits, gummies, M&Ms and packet snacks only. No more hard candies or lollies. No more candy with lots of colouring and artificial stuff.

After that, the kids adjourned to ds' room and they jumped on the bed, shouted, sang, laughed, ... generally played to their heart's content. Thanks to L who supervised them, the rest of the adults were able to sit down, chat, have coffee... Even me and Dh the hosts. It was a relaxing party for me this time. I will resolve to have more of such parties in future where the kids get to play on their own and the adults can just catch up.

I managed to find these fun bird-shaped balloons in NTUC. I was surprised they'd have them. I was searching for paper plates when I saw the different animal-shaped balloons. Very cheap, good and fun. There were rabbits, dinos and other shapes too. ds1 had a balloon bursting/ popping game in the room.

Some kids did not like it. He and ds2 enjoyed it immensely though. Fortunately there were only about 12 balloons, else the endless popping would be unbearable. R managed to protect his from being burst. He truly liked the bird and was traumatised to see them being burst. :-)

The kids proceeded to attack their daddies after that. It was heaps of fun for them.

After mauling his dad, ds2 decided to turn on his cousin sister. So bad. He tattooed her back and even pulled her tee down to show everyone. Fortunately she didn;t mind at all since she was busy gorging herself with the finger food.

Everyone descended on VJ too.

Ch also did a manicure for her dad and wrote 1s on his hands.

Cupcakes, forgot to take a pic of them. Milo ones. Used up an entire tin of Milo powder to make the 100+ cupcakes.
The ones for ds2's school had the cream cheese icing on top, spelling out his name and Happy Birthday, when the cupcakes were put together.

When it was coffee time, I was surprised to see my good friends coming out of the kitchen with bowls of "red bean soup". Somehow, when the coffee is in the Corelle bowl, it looks like red bean soup!

I then realised, I had insufficient mugs! No wonder they had to use my bowls! Argh, I better quickly retrieve my mugs from the boxes!!! They are still unpacked! We only unpacked 2, one for Dh and one for myself.

dd slept most of the time during the party cos I was slinging her snugly. She woke for a little while so ds2 managed to get this pic with her. But he closed his eyes, and she was yawning!

Towards the end of the party, it's time for some cleaning up. It's surprisingly easy to wipe the adult men's faces cos of their oil! The kids had to use some baby soap to wash theirs off.

My sis drew a nice moustache on VJ's face. It was so funny.

Then everyone got creative with the face paints, and Mary drew a beautiful necklace for Ch.

ds2 drew this on his cousin sis' face. Then ds1 wanted to play tic tac toe with ds2 on her face. One day she will grow up and gang up with her brother to tackle both ds. They should beware. She is so unsuspecting here.

Mary continued to exact revenge on the kids, helping ZY teach them a lesson for drawing all over him. She drew larger than life glasses on L and he looked so happy, oblivious to all the laughter he is generating.

After the guests left, ds2 actually forgot about his presents until much later, when I informed him he could open his presents already. He loved all of them. He played with the toy animals, painted on the canvas and read the books already. Thank you everyone!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 ;
11:58 PM
19 Mar

It was my mom's birthday. We planned to celebrate it with a dinner at Zhou's kitchen (yup, my dad's last name/ surname actually) at JP and had also ordered a special Lavande cake from Bakerzin for her.

I didn't know Zhou's Kitchen was part of the Tung Lok group. The dishes were quite tasty, but I was surprised that it was one of the less crowded restaurants in JP on a Friday night. Maybe it was more expensive than most of the other Chinese eateries? Not so worth it?

Since ds2's birthday is only 3 days away from hers, we let his celebration with my side of the family ride on my mom's and they blew candles on the cake together.

We cut the cake at my place after the dinner at JP since everyone could just walk over to my place.

This is the extended family group pic.

My mom with her older grandkids. The Lavande cake has macarons on each side. Yummy. The cake itself is pure choc mousse, too light and airy for me. I like rich, dense cakes. Also, in the Sg heat, it "melted" very quickly!

Since it was my mom's birthday, I thought she should relax. Hence, in the morning, since I had to bake about a hundred cupcakes, I called my mil the day before and asked if she could bring the boys out. She gladly agreed.

She came over in the morning and brought them to my fil's factory, to IMM, to pick another uncle up and so on. They had an exciting time while I could bake in peace. Dd was much easier to handle since I could nurse her till she's full and sleepy, then bake. If she woke and could not be pacified, I slung her and continued the baking.

I managed to bake 2 batches. The reason I needed so many was due to ds2's birthday party on Sat in our house, then his celebration in church and then at my mil's place on Sunday and then in his school. I counted a total of more than a hundred.

In the end, there were a few that didn't rise properly, and at least a dozen that got eaten up in a hurry by people who were in my house that day - part time cleaner, the boys, Dh, my mom, my mil... Myself, I couldn't stop eating too, but at least I ate all the "spoilt" ones.

So the only celebration that can be sacrificed was the Sunday school one. I let him bring 3 for his teachers and his friends had gummies instead. Cos the birthday party at home overlapped with the Sunday school one somewhat, with the guests at our home his closer friends in Sunday school anyway.

Then, because his school was closed for HFMD and then it was yet again postponed, the bday celebration in his school became just a song and him giving out all the goody bags. We didn't bring the cupcakes to his classmates, which was a pity cos I even made a special cream cheese icing for it and bought ice cream cones.

I planned to place the cupcakes into the cones to "act" as choc ice cream and use the white icing as the "cream" and sprinkle some "hundreds and thousands" on top to make the whole thing look like ice cream cones.

ds2 was duely dejected but it turned out his teacher was the most disappointed. She sent me an sms saying she was so looking forward to it because it was seldom that the kids parents would do the celebration themselves. She said most of the kids had entertainers come in for the celebrations.

We told her we were planning to go and play games with the kids ourselves and Dh would bring his guitar, strum and sing the birthday song together, plus also play some music activities with the kids. And I would let the kids decorate their "ice cream cones". We had some fun things planned indeed, but there was no choice.

The principal was so apologetic towards us (because we couldn't hold the celebration properly) that she bought a Thomas Tank Engine toy and a lollipop for ds2 there and then. I knew cos he said Ms N walked with him to the 7-Eleven to buy the lollipop and let him choose the watermelon flavour.

His teacher gave him a fairytale treasury collection. A set of 4 books that are beautiful and very good for parent and child to read together.

ds2 didn't mind so much I think, since he had the home party already. He's after all closer to his church friends than his school mates.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Monday, March 22, 2010 ;
9:23 PM
After dd's full month, I was out on a roll and wanted to accomplish as many things as possible.
A little too ambitious, cos I got really exhausted at times.. Now I've learnt to tone down.

First, I was keen to get fit and healthy again. So I signed up with my my good friend at Amore. A 2 yr membership gives me enough classes at S$14 each, and works out to about 1 class per week. After I signed up, I realised going for the classes needed more than my enthusiasm.

Since dd is fully breastfed, she can wail really badly if I am not around and my mom is afraid to take on babysitting her while I am at class. Dh has agreed to do so, but so far has helped only 2x because other times he was so busy at work and cannot afford to come home earlier, and then my boys took turns to be down with flu, which took a whole week.

So I went for this free personal training and assessment session on the 8th (Mon) of Mar and then a fitness class with Mary on the 16th (Tues). After that, I hadn't been able to go at all. It's not easy being a SAHM who fully breastfeeds and does not have a helper at all. You wish to do so many things but can't.

Like I've been wanting to get a haircut and enjoy maybe a manicure/ pedicure or a massage. Have to wait till dd is older I guess, then her feeding pattern will be more predictable and then I'll be able to leave her with someone for a longer period of time without worrying.

Anyway, here's something really funny. I went for the first session at Amore with my Papillio sandals and didn't think there was anything wrong. Until the personal trainer met me...
She asked, "Erm, did you bring your shoes?"
I replied, "Oops, do I need shoes?"
Poor her, she must be so incredulous... but she managed to speak matter-of-factly, "Err, yes, because you have to wear proper socks and shoes in the gym and when you are working out."
I almost died. But then, I gave a call home and kind Dh rushed over with my shoes and socks, so I was able to continue without a hitch.

Boy, it was just 45min, and I already knew I was unfit. But, it was such a workout! I also learnt I had more percent of my mass allocated to body fat than skeletal muscle, horror of horrors. She made me do push ups, lunges, leg raises, sit ups, raise weights, stretches and stepping exercises.

You can just imagine what happened the next day. My whole body was aching. But I felt good, so I immediately made a date with Mary to go for the next one.

That one was a group class. It involves resistance bands, dumb bells and other exercises, some set to music, to tone up various parts of the body and also have a cardio workout. Again, I really suffered the next day. Mary did much better than me. Some of the exercises, I chose to sit them out, cos my tailbone was still painful.

My mom nagged at me non-stop about how I had just given birth and should not do strenuous exercises in case my abdominal muscles get hurt. Which had some truth. But I recall Wong Li Lin running a triathlon or something 2 mths after birthing her baby.

Well at that time I was 1 month plus postpartum. Now I am almost 2 mths pp... I don't see myself at that fitness level at all. haha.

A pic of dd within her 1st month. Sleeping soundly, with the same knitted blankie Dh's sis made for ds1, which ds2 also used.

She was blowing bubbles of saliva in her sleep. You know how babies continue to move their tongues as if they were still nursing even when they're asleep? That's how the bubbles formed. So funny.

On the 16th of Mar, after the 2nd Amore session, Sheryl came to visit me with her 2 dds. She also brought a gift for dd's full month. It was a set of cute Carters rompers. Size 6m, can't wait to use them.

While we were chatting and catching up, both ds asked if they wanted to play Monopoly together. They hadn't tried it before but were keen to learn and they ended up playing for a very long time! Sheryl's girls were very amiable and cheerful girls who laughed often, so I think they had a good time playing together.

Look at them laughing away at something ds1 said.

It was great to catch up with old Uni mates.

After they left, my mom arrived and we all set off for the Jurong Polyclinic where dd was due for her 1st vaccination. Both boys were very curious - they had forgotten they too had many vaccinations done, cos all the shots were done before they were 2 yrs old. I also needed my mom's help due to the logistics of all the travel. Had wanted to take a bus there as well, but we ran late, so caught a cab there.

Everything went smoothly and when it was our turn, I brought the boys and dd in. My mom waited outside. The nurse took a look at my boys and asked, "Is there any other adult outside?"
I was so loathe to say the truth, but had to. She suggested my mom look after the boys outside. I told her they really wanted to see her having her injection. She looked like a fellow-mom and I saw her face soften, she must have understood.

So she said they should go out first, when we are done with admin (all the Qs), then they can come in just to observe the vaccination. Wow, thanks!

But when she was asking me about chicken pox and HFMD exposure, I had to tell the truth again, and said ds2's school closed because of HFMD but ds2 didn't get it. She was adamant that he could've brought the virus home and dd could be exposed to it, even though ds2 did not get it. So dd cannot have the vaccination and she rescheduled us for a much later date.

So we all took the bus home. The boys were disappointed and I had to explain to them why it was risky for dd to take the shot if she had been exposed to other viruses. I insisted on taking the bus cos it was already a wasted trip to the polyclinic, in terms of time and money, so we could at least save some by taking the bus home.
(Anyway, I had wanted to drive there, but clever Dh brought the car keys along with him to work, even though the car was with me, so I had no keys to drive the car with. So smart of him, right?)

On the bus, it was pretty crowded and I sat beside an elderly woman who kept talking to me about dd. She touched her cheeks, her feet etc too. Dd began fussing for milk. But she was in a sling and I didn't want to feed her then. Somehow I felt that the kind old lady, being so curious and fond of the baby, would bring a lot of attention to me nursing her, and may even lift up my apparel to have a look at her nursing, and that would be horrifying for me. :-)

So I kept jogging dd within my seat (a difficult skill, ok? to sway and move up and down while being seated) and telling her to wait.

What a stressful journey. I was exhausted when I reached home, cos remember I had an hour of workout in the morning??

17 Mar

My dearest friend Angeling and her supportive Dh decided to give me a treat and bring my boys to the Science Centre with them and their dds. She wanted me to have a break and experience having being a mom of only one baby again. I so appreciate that!

Just nicely so, my ex-colleagues asked me out for lunch at Jurong Point! I could handle that! JP is nearby, and we can have an early lunch. So Mag, Law, Chiu Wai, Judith and me met up at 11am at the Japanese restaurant there for lunch. It was such a wonderful gathering... to catch up, laugh and talk about the old times...

A lot has changed at Hwa Chong and we got news about RJ too, cos Mag is there, and Meridian as well, since Law just moved there.

After lunch, we decided to adjourn for dessert at Bakerzin but it was so funny. We sat down, looked at the menu then decided to leave. Cos my boys were reaching home, and Mag decided to have Chinese dessert instead of Western.

So she went to buy some with Judith, while Law bought his McD's sundae again. Everyone then drove to my place to have dessert. I managed to retrieve the boys from Angeling. So grateful to her cos the boys had a great time at the Science Center, especially being soaked at the Waterworks section.

The boys then went home with me and talked with my friends for some time before they left. Mag bought this mango dessert, with pomelo pulp for me. It's really yummy. I'm going to get more myself! I live here and didn't know there was this stall at JP all this while!

Forgot to take pics... It would be nice... Judith with her 8mth preggy bump, Mag laughing away, Law snoring on my sofa (so tired out from all the running of marathons), and cw, tinkering with his high tech gadgets.

Rest of the March hol week:
I did a lot of baking, and then there was my mom's birthday. I also tried to start cooking daily meals but realised it was too tough. I now try to be less ambitious and cook only when dd naps long enough, the boys did not fight, and I am not too exhausted.

Cos after the food prep, there is the actual cooking, and then there is cleaning up. Dh helps a lot with cleaning up, but there is still a lot I have to do. Then, when dd is fussy or awake, I have to sling her while cooking or chopping my meat and veg, which is so tiring. I have to also sway and move up and down while cooking!!

My sis and others urge me to order tingkat (fixed day food delivery). But I hesitate to do so because my schedule is so ad hoc. If I feel like it, I go out to eat... If I have time and energy, I cook. If I am really tired, I order delivery or get Dh to order takeaway/ to-go. I also have food mood swings. I would crave particular food at different times and tingkat has fixed menus. Sometimes they may send me food I totally would not like to eat at the time, then what should I do, right???

Gatherings, outings, exercise also have to be less frequent, cos it is so tiring to fit so much into a week when I can be so sleep deprived. Let's hope things will get better as baby grows... though I already know each stage has its own difficulties. :-) But life must have hope, so think positive always!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Friday, March 19, 2010 ;
10:33 PM
15 Mar

1st day of school hols, the kids were in high spirits. ds1 was announcing since Sat that he loves school hols, cos we went to the library and they used dd's card and theirs to borrow a combined total of 17 books. They wanted to save 1 for a DVD, but they couldn't find a DVD they liked, or that I allowed (cos they picked 2 that I felt was unsuitable).

So on Mon, I decided to bring them to West Coast Park to run wild. It's hard to unleash their energy at home and not damage or mess things up, so for my sanity, it is better to bring them out.

I roped in my mom's help cos it would be so much easier with another adult around.

True enough, they started running way ahead of us the moment they saw the playground. Then they played with the sand for a long time.

Dd enjoyed herself with a nap and then looking around the park as well.

I sat with Dd and my mom within view of the boys. They were initially playing under the hot sun but I shooed them into the shady area. I also made them wear hats and put on sunblock, not so common a practice here, but I'd gotten into this habit when we were in Utah.

My mom used the soy beancurd container to help them with their sandcastle making, after I was done eating it (it was my breakfast).

Then when dd woke, she had fun watching and listening to her brothers play.

After that, of course we ended the day with a late lunch at McDonalds. It was the only restaurant there, so we didn't have any other choice, did we? :-)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Thursday, March 18, 2010 ;
9:48 PM
This being the last baby we intend to have, I find myself watching her more. We are also more relaxed with her upbringing and care, so we find more time to enjoy her just being herself.

We also realise we didn't take enough baby pics with ds1 so we are trying to make up for it. Perhaps a girl might enjoy looking through old pics much more than boys too?

Anyway, here are some pics showing dd and her antics. She likes to stretch and do all kinds of stuff with her head and face, since she is still exploring the use of her hands.

I have to keep trimming her nails very frequently though, once in 5-6 days maybe? Cos if not, with all these violent manipulations of her face with her fingers, she makes many scratches and some of them bleed too. Which is why many babies wear mittens but I've never had the patience with mittens and bootees.

In winter in temperate countries, they've no choice but to wear those, but in Sg, there is no need to, cos it is so hot. And I hate picking them up when they fall off so easily, and I dislike washing them too, such small pieces in the laundry load. And don't even start asking me to hand wash the baby's clothes. I just don't have the time.

And here she goes smiling in her sleep. She smiles and laughs the most at the first part of her sleep. Just after she closes her eyes.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 ;
4:12 PM
You know how the younger siblings are? At this age of 4-5 yrs old, they love their birthdays. And when it so happens that his elder brother has his birthday first, he would keep asking me when would it be his turn.

Thankfully, his is not that long to wait after ds1's, otherwise I'd have him ask me many many times. So, since Feb 2, he has been crossing out each day on the calendar to "wait" for his birthday. And since Feb 2, he has been telling me what he would like to give his friends and what he would like to plan for his friends during his birthday party.

Therefore, I dug out all the stuff I had bought from USA for parties last time (cos they were really much better in quality and much nicer than what I could find at Middle Rd at the party wholesalers here) and also bought some goodies for him to fill up the party bags for his classmates in school and his church friends.

We also roughly discussed what he would have at his birthday party at home (with church friends) and what we would do at his school.

Turns out, we had to cancel the school one due to the school having 11 kids with HFMD (although not from his class but they all share the same common rooms, like music room and so on) and the school had to shut. The timing was so bad, the school was shut during his actual birthday and the days preceding it.

We discussed with his teacher and thought we would postpone it by just 2 days, but then he was so unfortunate to have an ulcer/ sore in his mouth on that day. And because it was such a sensitive issue at the school now, even though they brought him to a doctor and the doctor said it was unlikely he had HFMD (no lesions on hands, feet, tongue, no fever, nothing), as a precautionary measure (he quoted MCYS so that we would be quiet and not contradict him) we have to keep him at home for that day, plus 2 more days!!!

In total, plus the days the school was shut, he would be away from school for 2 weeks. Wah... The teacher was very nice though. She sms me everyday, and also sends me email update on what lesson plans were supposed to be carried out. The principal and her also called me to thank us for our understanding. According to the teacher, we were mild parents already. Some were hopping mad. Sigh, I don't like this, but what can we do?

How to ask for refunds when the teachers and staff still have to be paid?

Anyway, so with ds1 ill too, I have 3 kids with me at home everyday even though the school hols are over.

ds2 busy packing his friends' bags.

14 Mar

Dd's 2nd Sunday at church service.
This time she was awake for a while and was pretty alert and happy.

Laughing and smiling at times when my sis or others talk to her. In this case, my sister held up a toy and shook it, while calling her name.

My mom also claims that dd can communicate with her already. Whenever my mom carries her and walks around while telling her about the things around her, she will coo and "ahh", "ooh" in response. So my mom is very pleased with herself about that.

She does seem more responsive to language at this stage than her brothers. I think that is a girl thing. :-)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ;
9:03 PM
Kind of backdated for my blog cos there was the school hols, then ds2's school had HFMD outbreak and the school was closed. Then ds1 got really sick, which spread to ds2.. It was a nasty cold bug, not HFMD though.

The school even let a doc call me to tell me he learnt that I have a newborn at home (ds2 told everyone in school he has a baby sis), and that for newborns, they may not have ulcers. If I detect just a fever, I need to rush her into KKH's A&E at once cos the virus may attack the brain very rapidly. The boys kiss, hug and touch her all day and even sleep with her... so it's scary to think she might get infected. Must pray hard.

7 Feb

Dd's 1st trip to the church building, and 1st time in her Sunday school.

The cradle roll teacher, who is also her ganma, carried her for a pic with L.

Before heading out, doing funny gestures..

We arranged for 2 companies to send stuff this time. Tried out Melrose Cake House for the individual boxes of tarts, ang ku kueh, red eggs and glutinous rice. And tried Pat's Pastries for the Party Packs for the big group celebration.

I would say Pat's Pastries were much nicer. I love the apple crumble and the fruit tarts. The boys loved the brownies and chocolate eclairs. My sis liked the savoury stuff like the samosa and mini chicken pie. So everyone was happy. I think Dh was so busy giving out the individual boxes before the church members left that he didn't get to eat any. Poor guy, next time I must remember to save him some, even if he doesn't care for it. (He said he doesn't mind)

The girl slept through the Sunday school class, such disrespect for her teacher. haha.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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