Tuesday, October 10, 2006 ;
4:24 PM
Wow.. 1st post.
All along wanted to have a blog, but had no time to set it up, or post...
Finally took this first step because I was inspired by Shay Piao, haha.
We all had a look at his blog today, cool.

I have such an illustrious history so I shan't dwell on it, unlike some pple :-). It will just make all of you wonder in amazement again, doubting that I ever got all those awards/ accolades...
Yup, I can hear the "huh, you got A1 for GP" question and see the incredulous look on your faces... AGAIN.. :-)

I think the main reason that spurred me on to finally have a blog is cos I am leaving,
and I will want to be in touch and keep you all updated about me, and my family,
so that we will still remain close, and seem to know all about each other, as usual.

So this blog's objectives will be to (hopefully) keep all of you in the loop on what we are doing.

Dh (dear hubby) Paul's in UT already, and we will join him soon. Titus (dear son1) and Justus (ds2), our sons, are 3 and 1 yo respectively. Both of us are teachers, but dh has resigned and I will be taking no pay leave. So we will be leading a quite quite different lifestyle from now. It will be a whole new experience for me too, from a working mother (WOHM) to being a SAHM, not to mention adjusting to a new environment and culture.

So hey, I will appreciate any comments or advice from anyone who has been there, done that, or just want to share anything...


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