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24 July

It's been really backdated but these are the pics in my cam that has just been downloaded onto the comp! So here goes. This was the banana pudding I made for the cottage meeting that Sat. I made one before this, and had more like a meringue top. Think I over-baked it for this pic, so it looks more like a crust now.

I like the Nilla wafers best, actually. haha. (And I get my recipes online, so I don't post it here. Just google and you'll find many similar ones.)

E at 5 months plus, with her brothers. This was taken before she was sick, so she was still without a neck, haha. Now her neck can be seen clearly and her arms are no longer like lotus roots.

30 July

This was taken at the Esplanade. Dh brought the boys for the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra concert. It also had Dh's favourite Sibelius piece and other kid-familiar favourites in the programme. So even though ds2 is not yet 6, we just bought him a ticket too.

It's probably his first time attending a concert at the concert hall cos they have a strict no kids under 6 policy. Dh said he was attentive throughout so we can go for more. I knew if the boys misbehaved, Dh will not bring them for a long time to come. Cos he is so so particular about concert etiquette and he hates any little noise that affects his enjoyment of the performance, so I did seriously brief the boys before they went.

Not content to be left at home with dd, I went along too, but strapped dd in the stroller and I walked around the whole Bay area. hee hee.

I also walked to Marina Square (so irritated with the steps along the way and the not-stroller friendly underpass from Esplanade to Marina the previous time, so this time I walked in the open air).

There, I got myself dinner and by that time dd was fussy and did not want to sit in her stroller. So I put her in the sling and pushed along an empty stroller with my bag. Nursed her, and she was happy in the sling, so I went window shopping. But then I couldn't resist it and bought myself a nursing top at Maternity Exchange, cos where I go to usually, Moms in Mind, had closed already and I could not get anymore tops from there.

I always have a problem trying on clothes when I shop, especially with the boys in the past, cos they hate shopping. Ahhh, now I discovered dd is fine with shopping! Even at 5months+!

The saleslady carried her for me, and I tried on at least 6 tops. hee hee!

However, that was a clever sales tactic. She made dd so happy with the giraffe teether they were selling, that dd didn't want to leave, and so I had to buy the giraffe too!!!!

I justified it by thinking that they entertained and took care of her for about 30min. So plus babysitting fees and my satisfied shopping experience, and the fact that now that giraffe is her absolute favourite, gnawed on everyday, it is worth it... :)

Of course, after the concert, which last so long, the boys were ravenous, and we had to get supper from the Makansutra Gluttons' Bay. Satay, yum yum.

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