Thursday, September 23, 2010 ;
2:39 PM
After rushing home from SAFTI, we continued to follow the torch relay by driving with a cranky dd to ds1's school then to Rulang where our niece was scheduled to take over.

Wow, her whole school lined both sides of the streets. Dh and I met our old friends too, one a P4 tr at Rulang and the other who is the VP there.

I camped out at the start of where my niece would begin her leg of the relay. She was one of 3 torch bearers selected from her whole school. Some schools didn't even have 3 torch bearers and some schools don't even have the torch relay pass by their school, so she had a great honour indeed, to be able to hold onto the torch of the very first Youth Olympic Games in the world's history.

There she is. Dh followed her and ran as well so his photos were mostly blurry. I think he was too excited. I stayed put cos I was with dd (won't think of running with her in the sling, too heavy!). But he managed to get a video clip too.

That's her. She had to go through a selection process, interviews and briefings to get chosen. Good for her!

The cheerleaders, supporters, drumming up a festive atmosphere with their cheering and clapping from the double decker buses.

Handing over the torch to her fellow school mate, and high fiving him.

I stood under the hot sun with dd for at least half an hour, waiting for her to appear. I think all these contributed to me falling ill. Lack of rest, weather, etc.

I guess, we all had a price to pay! Dh said his was a lack of income (cos for him, not working/ taking leave, means no income)! haha

With this, we felt we showed our support in a small way and was patriotic and enthusiastic enough an example for our kids. Hopefully they will also grow up to be responsible and contributing citizens!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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