Friday, September 24, 2010 ;
2:52 PM
No formal pen and pencil tests and exams for P1 and P2s in all schools in a few yrs' time but already in progress in ds1's school.

So there are projects and show-and-tell/ presentations.

In Term 3, they had to make an animal from recycled materials, do a write up on it, and then finally a presentation/ show and tell on it.

ds1 decided on a giant squid cos it has been his fav marine organism for the longest time!

The parents' letter said parents can help or guide the child in the project but we didn't help him much.

Instead it was my mom who helped ds1 collect metal bottle caps from the hawker center, after he said he needed it for the squid suckers. Here are all the metal caps and him working to nail a hole in each of them so they can be affixed onto the squid's body.

There he is, proud of his own creation, a giant squid made from recycled or old materials that would be otherwise thrown away! An old pillow, metal bottle caps, newspapers (the arms and tentacles) and an emptied shampoo bottle than can squirt squid ink (hidden from view in pic).

He won an award for it. Innovative and Creative award, the cert says. And a badge. But the teacher says it is not just for the project but in general. ds2 now wants to enter pri sch at once to earn those badges!

20 Aug

Dh's relatives came from China. The guy to work here, and his sister, on vacation. They lived with my in laws during their stay but we were in charge of entertaining them. They went to the Bird Park on this day and then to our house for a chat and some refreshments. Thereafter we went to JP for dinner.

ds1 found out his "shu shu" (distant uncle) can play chess and at once engaged him in at least 3 rounds! dd, ds2 and the a-yi (aunt) played together.

Just so happened that I was preparing to giveaway some of my favourite clothes of yesteryears (read: pre-pregnancy clothes from ds1's time) and she was very slim-built, so she gladly took most of my clothes!

At Swensens with the relatives, and having dinner, we met my parents there too! They already had dinner at Kopitiam so my dad carried dd for me while we had dinner!

28 Aug Sat
till 1 Sep

We first made 2 batches of cupcakes. Chocolate flavour, with cream cheese icing on top, and flowers and stars sprinkles.

Since it was for their teachers on Teachers' Day, it had to be made by the kids themselves.

So the boys handled most of the steps from the egg cracking to the measurement of ingredients. Of course, there was a lot more mess than if I made it, and the ingredients were not measured accurately. Furthermore, they haven't understood fully why certain steps were taken.

For example, they didn't understand much of why the flour had to be sifted. They only cared about how fun it was, cos they made the flour fly everywhere and it looked like snow. (I have to confess I needed to quell this rising urge to scream at them.)

After they sifted the flour nicely, ds1's itchy fingers decided to make a castle out of the sifted flour. Just cos he was waiting his turn to cream the butter and sugar (ds2 was doing that at the moment). Making a castle involved a lot of patting.

So I had to explain to them that he just effectively patted down all the trapped air and fluffiness of the flour. They didn't see how important sifting is till the cupcakes were done.

Ahh the cupcakes were still yummy, still smelt good but the texture was denser and too firm. Not fluffy and light like before.

Slowly, they will learn more important lessons from baking various things, I hope. And of course, I made them help clean up.

Below shows the icing step. We're still not good at icing yet. :) Wish I had the time, the money and the materials to make elaborate decorations! Dd was so clingy I had to sling her most of the time while supervising the boys. Can't wait till she is old enough to help out productively too!

We attended a Yamaha concert at the Clementi branch. ds2 received the invitation and our whole family went. dd enjoyed it a lot.

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