Tuesday, September 21, 2010 ;
9:09 PM
I used to have such students in class.

They like to play the fool the whole time, were never serious and when called upon to answer questions, liked to give answers that were deliberately controversial or funny. Or so they think is funny.

Most of the time, I didn't mind such students. They don't do such things disrespectfully to me, and they don't mean any harm. When I am in a rush to complete a tutorial or when there are important things to go through with the whole class, then I would reprimand them and mete out some "punishment" that would quieten them for some time.

I was still single, and then married but without kids then. Then I had kids but they were not in school yet.

Now, it seems that my son has become such a student.

I am constantly worried that his teacher might blow her top one day, so everytime he returns home with a description of his day (yet more antics from him), I always ask at once what his teacher's reaction was. I always chide him and always tell him to watch it, and be very careful not to keep pushing his limits till his teacher gets furious and punish him severely.

Today, at the doorstep, the moment he announced his return from school, and I went to open the door, his first words were, "I got into some trouble in class today, mom."

I wasn't surprised anymore, so I just had a familiar heart-sinking feeling and asked what happened.

His class did compositions today. Or rather, they call it MLEA writing.

Those familiar with lower primary language lessons know that the students have big book stories. And all the activities surround a particular big book story for a period of time.

Now, they are doing parties. And today everyone had to do individual write-ups on birthday parties. (Sometimes they do group or peer writing)

This was what ds1 wrote, at first.

"There was once a party pooper called Pablo. He was invited to his friend's Matthew's birthday party.
The sounds of Music Number 4 titled Lion's Dance started. Pablo farted to the music.
Then he burst a blood vessel and died."

Oh man!!!!! *faint*

His teacher took a look and made him erase every single word and then redo the whole piece.

He told me his teacher said his 2nd piece was all nonsense too, but accepted it.

This was his 2nd piece:

"It was the year 2013. I was ten years old on 2nd Feburary 2013.
My mother brought me to IMM. We entered the party room. It looked like a strange universe.
It had air con and 2 crates.
The 2 crates were crammed full with lots of junk food.
My mother told me I could eat all I wanted. It was my best birthday party ever."


With all these writing, I cannot imagine what his teacher must think of his parents.... of me...

She can conclude so much from it... At least, from the 2nd one, she must think I starve him, that I deprive him of "junk food", which is why he would fantasise like that.

Oh man!!!

p/s The "IMM" came about cos the class just had a field trip to IMM.
The "crates" came about from the Facebook game Restaurant City, cos I play with my boys and we are forever opening crates of food from other friends' restaurants.... lol.

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