Wednesday, September 29, 2010 ;
9:34 PM

ds1's school had their Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. There was a carnival in school, so we all turned up for lots of fun!

There were many stalls. These craft and calligraphy and cultural stuff were all free. Food and games stalls required coupons.

ds2 enjoyed the paper cutting immensely and he was "stuck"at this booth for ages!

The clay craft booth was so attractive because all the creations looked so yummy. ds2 initially thought it was a food stall and asked me to buy some for him to eat! That was how realistic the creations were!

Many different nationalities spotted. Students come from at least these countries that I observed: Sg of course, Philippines, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Korea, USA. There were a couple of ethnic groups I couldn't place at all, perhaps they are Eurasians.

There was a chess booth too and ds1 met his friends there.

Both learnt how to write a "chun lian" at the calligraphy booth. The school is strong in calligraphy as well. Thinking of letting ds2 join this CCA next yr, haha. Capitalise on 2 of the school's niche areas (chess and calligraphy). They are also strong in Chinese and Malay dance. Maybe for dd in future. :)

Towards the later part, there were performances by parents and students, and then a magician. The entertainer/ magician was very talented. I enjoyed the segment where he drew a face and then the face could move and talk. Very funny. As he erased parts of the face, it was hilarious to hear the protests from the parts of the face still remaining.

My parents walked over to the school to join in part of the festivities since they lived across the street. This pic was taken at the Butterfly Garden.

ds2 apparently had a knack for playing games at the games booth. Many older kids could not get any prizes cos it was difficult to get the cars zooming into the correct holes (the board was kind of tilted at a weird angle). But ds2 managed to get 8 prizes!! (each prize consisted of a glow-in-the-dark rod, which the students pieced together to make flowers/ rings/ necklaces/ spheres, very fun).

At night, in bed, he insisted on hanging them above him because I told him they only lasted the night. He was sad to see them no longer glowing in the morning, but it was a good lesson in being thankful for the good stuff while it lasted!

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