Monday, September 20, 2010 ;
1:38 PM
dd's 1st time sitting in that traditional bamboo baby-adult chair during the cradle roll class on Sunday. Think she was about 5mth here.

Some silly random pic..
I was about to bring dd out for a walk in the stroller and was about to place my hands on the handle when I found this on the handle. One of ds2's animal figurines.

Another time, it was his tarantula. Fortunately it was a toy one, and was hard. If I felt this huge hairy thing, I would have a big shock!

On National Day itself, the youth at Jurong and the youth at Lim Ah Pin congregations have a friendly Ultimate Frisbee match. In line with the ND theme, we decided to be decked on in red and white, or rather Reds Vs Whites.

We were supposed to wear white, so even though we were supporters, we all put on something white. Even dd, the youngest fan there!

It was very sunny, so we all wore our hats, all 5 of us.

Here's the 2nd youngest fan!

We played at JJC's field. Nice and convenient.

Both ds played some frisbee with the youth at the sidelines and also played with their inflatable ball. Good chance cos of the wide open space!

In the evening, we went to my bil's place for pizza dinner (our treat) and to watch the ND parade together. However, their cousin fell ill and my sil said I better not sit inside their entertainment room (they converted a room into a home entertainment one complete with projector, screen, speakers) together with her, in case dd gets the "germs". She offered me the study, and she turned on the air con for me. So in the end, I missed the show!!!!

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