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19 June

We went to watch Toy Story 3. Before that, we first attended a talk at Focus on the Family, which is also at JP. It was free, and they gave out a large goody bag. In the goody bag, amongst many useful things, was a thick hardcover book by Dr James Dobson, "Solid Answers". I have several copies of his books already, always a good read, even though a little old fashioned sometimes.

Angeling's family was there too, as well as Mary's helper cos Mary's family was vacationing in Taiwan and her helper resided at Angeling's place as a guest.

We all enjoyed the talk, refreshments and then the movie. During the talk, the kids were well-entertained by staff from Focus, and they played parachute games, did some craft based on the Toy Story movie as well.

The talk was on Movie Magic and how parents can use movies to bond with our children, and engage them, or teach them important values.

The movie was the Golden Village within JP too. Very good deal. This was my good friend L's last gift to me. We enjoyed ourselves, and I know she's happy to see that too, from where she is.

Thank you, L. It would have been even more enjoyable had you been there. But I know you are also comforted in a better place. Thank you.

24th June

Finally able to bring the kids to the zoo! dd's first time and for both boys, the 1st since she was born! Yeah, her birth really changed our lives --- made us so much busier (but happier too, lah).

We didn't spend a long time there. Just enough for the kids to walk through the Fragile Forest, feed the giraffes, catch a show and splash in the water play area.

We reached at 11am, slightly late for the morning giraffe feeding. Kids a little disappointed, so I told them we'd stay till the afternoon feeding (1.35pm).

So we went to the Fragile Forest. And then to Kidzworld. Ate KFC for lunch. So crowded at KFC cos the machines were all down and the cashiers had to take orders with pen and paper, and tally our totals with the calculator! Some were not sure of the prices of the different food items too, having been so used to letting the machines do everything.

Then we caught the Animal Friends show which featured heavily on dogs, cats... Pets that kids love, I guess. At the end of the show, the kids could go down and pet all the animals. Look at the hordes rushing down. I wonder if the animals got scared... Both ds were only interested in petting the German Shepherd so we were done pretty quickly.

Then I let them play for 30min at the water area. Too many kids. There were even a few groups from schools, so it was pure chaos. I prefer to go when there are no hols!

At 1.35pm we walked quickly to the Giraffe habitat. Phew. Managed to get there in time.

The giraffes sure have long tongues!

Dd was crying pretty bad by the time we were leaving. She didn't sleep well, what else... So my mom drove while I had to nurse her in the car. I much prefer to drive, but I am just thankful my mom can help me, otherwise we couldn't even go.

Dh, please, come back soon!

25th June

ds1 had his 6 mth follow up at the NUH Eye Center at the Biopolis.

Sigh... his degree increased again. Although expected (cos doc said kids increase 100 degrees per year on average), I still feel heart pain. That his eyesight was deterioriating and we are almost helpless, and that we have to pay for new lenses again.

Doc said to wait another 6 mths would be too long for him. He'd have to strain to see for 6 mths in school, so we better correct his lenses now.

Since she has confirmed he doesn't have lazy eye, astigmatism or other serious ailments, she said we need not see her again unless his degree increases at a rate higher than 100 deg a year. From now on, we will just visit the optician once we think he can't see well again..

I keep reminding ds1 though, to keep a distance from his books. He likes to read and draw too near... I also just bought some bilberry supplements. And have to cook more soups with carrots and goujizi. Must try hard, what to do?

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