Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ;
8:22 PM
During the flu bug outbreak 2-3 weeks ago when everyone in church, in the kids' schools and elsewhere were coughing and getting the sniffles, we had 1 child sick, then another, then another, then myself.

Myself being sick was the worst. I'm sure all moms know what I mean. When the kids are sick, it is extra tiring but we can still take it, just sleep less, care more. When we are also sick, oh man, with a headache or fever, a drippy or stuffy nose, a hacking cough, yet still have to drag feet to cook, do chores, and take care of the little ones, who are also extra clingy or don't sleep well at night.

So amidst all the sickness and exhaustion, with Dh still in USA, there were so many kind souls rallying around us. Some sent us cards. Even Dd received a card addressed to her. Some offered help. Some bought things for us, or cheered us up with smses.

Then our good friend and the kids' godmom cooked a fabulous chicken soup for us one Sunday evening. We are so blessed we live near her too! Their godpa was the one who walked over with the thermal pot.

I'm guilty of not cooking something to put in the pot when I returned it to her!

Here's the porridge with carrots and goujizi in it. The kids lapped it up. There was plenty left over for me to be full too! Yum.

21 July
Racial Harmony Day

ds1's school asked the kids to wear any traditional costume to school for the celebrations. So I reused the Malay costumes my mom bought them for UN Day in their school last year.

Didn't manage to snap a pic of ds1 in his costume. We were in such a rush when it was time for him to get to the school bus. This is ds2 in his costume, and he's waiting for his school bus.

Incidentally, right after this Wed, he had some ulcers in his mouth. 3 to be exact. And his classmate has HFMD so we thought he had surely gotten it this time! So we kept him home on Thurs and Fri, but turns out he had no more ulcers, and those 3 healed, and he didn't have any spots on his feet or hands. Neither did he run a fever, and we were so paranoid... It was a relief though.

Cos for the whole of Wed night and Thurs, I kept checking him, and kept having to remind him not to touch dd. I was very afraid dd will get it, more than anything. I told both boys that if they got it, they'll understand it is painful and will force themselves to drink more water, rest more, eat various things like jellies or ice cream to soothe themselves, but if Dd got it, she will just cry non stop, can't sleep, can't drink milk (too painful) and then she might be dehydrated and be in danger. Of course it will mean I have utter torture too, if dd cries non stop and doesn't sleep or nurse.

So thank God they didn't get it.

So she is still a very happy baby, laughing away (in the day) in her exersaucer. Somehow, she is either afraid of the dark or night time. She cries very badly at night. Very irritating of course.

Dh is very funny. He has to work in the day so normally I tell him to sleep and he doesn't have to get up to help me if he hears dd cry at night. I do everything. So one night, he must have heard all the loud wailing and angry crying from dd that lasted quite long. She wouldn't nurse, didn't stop crying even when rocked or even when I sling her and walk around or sing her fav songs.

Then suddenly she stopped crying cos I turned on the tap to wash my hands. She sometimes likes the sound of water (doesn't work everytime).

But Dh rushed out of the bedroom and startled me. Turned out, he thought I was so irritated by dd's crying that I strangled her. hahahaha... (So he wanted to come check and rescue his daughter.)

I think he must have been reading a lot of newspaper articles or watched too much TV/ movies.

Or maybe sometimes I express my frustration a little too much. hee. During the day I'm duly rewarded for my hard work at night though. Dd would be all smiles, laughing as I talk to her, cooing and gurgling in her sweet voice in response to diaper changing, nursing etc.

I guess life is like that. There are always ups and downs, there are always obstacles or hurdles. I just have to cross one stage at a time. This stage, it is her unexplained crying.

Then there'd be the terrible twos. And then puberty, hormones and moodiness... Rebellion during the teens??

We just have to focus on the happy things. Don't keep thinking, "why is my child like that". Try and look forward to the next day, when things might be so much better.

That's why I think being a parent has made me become a much better person, a better Christian and a better teacher. :-)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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