Saturday, July 3, 2010 ;
12:05 PM
Ok, how did we spend the last week of the June hols?

I let ds2 stay at home too, so both brothers can play together to their hearts' content.

Then, I also had the weekly visits to my in laws'. Dh is not around, so I have to go with the kids alone. My bil and sil's kids seem really busy with school work and CCA so they don't have time to visit my in laws'. Hence, it is just us now, we seldom get to see them.

One thing nice about my il's place is the garden and the birds chirping... It's where the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is, so there is quite a lot of wildlife. Yep, monkeys and squirrels and lizards...

Fil loves to lie down outside and he suggested playing chess with ds1 there. I thought it made a very idyllic pic and looks like a good photo op, so I snapped a pic of the grandfather and grandson, engaged in a game.

(in case you are wondering... in the background, that used to be a pond but my fil decided to fill it up with sand/ soil after he grew tired of cleaning it out all the time.)

The park beside our block of apartments has somehow gained a reputation across Singapore as a good place to fly kites. So kite-flying enthusiasts and professionals gather there to fly their magnificent kites. Although we can view the kites every evening from our windows, the most attractive displays are usually during the weekend evenings.

There would be so many kites, they fill up the entire sky. Some fly so high and so far they look like real birds because they become specks. Both boys were so surprised when one of the men beside us reeled in his kite and it was actually gigantic. But when it was flying way up high, it was just a speck! (good lesson on near-far proportions for the boys)

This pic below doesn't do justice but it's what I can manage cos I was slinging dd at that time.

Oh yes, when the sun sets, it becomes really magical too, because the kites flown then are those with tiny flickering lights. So it fills up the sky with many "colourful stars". Even dd loves to look at those lights.

Now I often bring the kids there, just go down for a short walk. It is so beautiful...

This pic below, is one rare time dd slept when we walked over to JP. I was so thankful and glad that I just had to document it. What a fatso... Not very ladylike either...

Another sleeping one. ds2 didn't want to take his nap after we visited the library. Insisted on finishing up ALL the books he borrowed. He wouldn't listen to my explanation that we can keep the books for 3 weeks! He just had to read them that very day.

Since it was the school hol, I gave in and let him be. Later when I walked into the living room, I saw him, succumbing to his exhaustion. That stubborn little boy!

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