Wednesday, July 21, 2010 ;
12:24 PM
We make kite flying in the park a ritual now. Have to get the boys out of the house, and it is relaxing and fun for dd also. Kite flying not only allows my kids to run around a lot (they like to run even when there's no need to), it helps keep them away from near-sighted work, which is very good for maintaining ds1's eyesight.

He is already overtaking Dh and I in his myopia, so we need to make sure he doesn't read too much or look at the computer. Being outdoors more solves that problem.

Also, somehow, when I look at all the kites high up in the sky, flying freely in the wind, I just feel very good. I go home refreshed, even though the day might have been very tiring.

Here are some pics. It's hard to see the kites in the pics, but when you're there, it is totally mesmerising.

Not sure if you can see all the kites in this pic below. There were at least 30-40 that day. One of them in the center, slightly towards the right of the pic, has a very very long tail, several metres long. Very spectacular.

These pics are taken on various days. Since the park is beside our apt, we go there several times a week. As long as it is not raining. Last week was good. This week is pretty rainy, so we didn't go much.

ds1 with his eagle kite. ds2 chose a shark, which didn't fly that well cos of the shape. So Dh bought another one for him, a tiger fitted into a triangular kite. I noticed that either triangular or diamond-shaped kites flew the best.

Dh and the boys with the eagle kite. We tried out many different kites. Some rice paper ones, very small and connected together, some plastic ones, those sold for $3, and then the eagle, shark and tiger. Still the eagle and tiger are easiest to launch and fly high. Those are $15- $18. Still really reasonably-priced considering the size and the materials.

Close up of the kite (manta ray?) I mentioned earlier, which when it was on the ground, had such a long tail the boys were openly oohing and aahing at it. Really very pretty when the tail is flapping about in the sky.

The boys are very funny. Their dad does the hard work of getting it to fly really high, and then they take turns to fly it. And they act like they are very professional. So amusing. When there was not much skill required to do what they are doing (maintain the kite up there when the winds are so strong). Look at ds2's stance and both their expressions. ds1 is holding on to the thread. We were afraid they'd let go or drop the spool at first, cos the force was really great when the kite was tugging so hard against the spool.

Now Dh has gone and bought a roughly $15 big round spool to contain all the thread. That allows us to reel in the thread and let it out much quicker. Cool.

Then last Fri, we invited our friends from USA, here on summer hols, for kite flying together and a pizza picnic. The kids had such a blast together. Flew the kites till it was dark. When all the kites with lights start flying.

Here they are playing wildly near the canal, which was raging just earlier during a thunderstorm. So I got them to move away from it. The other pair of siblings are 4 and 6 yrs old. That makes the 4 of them, 4, 5, 6 and 7 yrs old in a group!

Besides kite flying, they had lots of fun playing hide and seek too. While we adults laughed ourselves silly watching how kids at this age prefer to be found than really hide.

Without fail, once the seeker finishes counting, and just turns around to try and look for the others, one after another, the others will shout out, "hey I am here! hahaha!". So funny.

Kids, when they play without focusing so much on winning (or the objective of the game), find it much more fun!

Something to take home for me actually. Cos when the boys make up their own games and ask me to play with them, I sometimes lose my patience. Usually of course I might have been very tired out by the baby or by chores, or I might have many other things lined up, waiting to be done. Then they are so eager and enthusiastic about their new game.

So I have to sit down and play with them, only to find their rules very haphazard and there is seemingly no objective or aim. Like some card games they came up with. Or board games. After they explain how to play, I would be like, ok, we play like this, then? What?? They say, "just play like that, carry on, continue...".

I would be like, "but what do I need to do in the end to win?" (cos maybe i just want to the game to end soon. their games can be endless if there is no objective)

They'd be like, "erm, dunno.... just play... it's fun anyway".

I usually would give up and leave them to it themselves. I think I should just relax sometimes and play, even if it is meaningless to me.... They just find it fun, and maybe having the chance to spend some time with their mom is good enough.. I should treasure this time when I have it.

Kids nowadays mature so quickly. During our time, it was when we hit our teens that we didn't want mommy or daddy to tag along, that friends matter more...
Now, I think it is more like age 10.

So with ds1, I have only 3 more yrs.... That's a short time.
I also need to equip him with all the good values, as much as possible, before he listens more to his friends... Yup, hope I can remind myself!

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