Thursday, July 1, 2010 ;
2:02 PM
Gatherings with old friends (highlight of my June!):

14 June

Met up with Dan, her son Dylan and Law at JP for brunch. Dylan is so sweet. While we adults we talking, he played with dd and made her laugh!

It was great catching up with Dan and Law, and we also went shopping for a while after brunch. Dan brought gifts for all of us, me, the boys and dd. Dylan has grown so much and he speaks very well, it's very cute to hear him talk non stop.

So glad they came all the way from the East of Singapore to meet up with me, else I wouldn't have had the chance to chat with them. It was Dan's precious day off from work too.

16 June
8.30am - 2pm

A very very old church friend whom I haven't seen for years came to visit me with her newborn. She hadn't been attending services at our congregation for 9 years? I got into contact with her again because I met her cousin at L's funeral wake.

Since her baby daughter is about 1+ month younger than mine, I suggested we should meet up for a baby date. :-)

Her hubby lectures at the NTU so he dropped her off at my place.

We walked to JP together to send ds1 to his Tien Hsia camp, bought breakfast and walked back to my place.

Then it started pouring cats and dogs, so she couldn't leave when she intended to. Which turned out good in a way cos we got to talking for such a long time, as we nursed our babies, changed their diapers and made them nap. And we had an early lunch of golden kiwis and rice dumplings and KFC Portuguese egg tarts.

When her hubby came to pick her up, my other batch of guests had started to arrive and they got to know each other. We arranged to meet up again at her place in July.

Then my old friends from HC started to come. Also from all parts of Singapore. And for Teck and his family, it was a precious gathering because they are only back in Singapore for a few days and then will be in Wisconsin for the next 3 yrs without returning to Singapore for a visit! Teck is doing his PhD there.

It's always lovely at these gatherings because not only do we get to catch up and reminisce about old times, we also get to see how all the kids in the group have grown. This time there are new additions too!

Here are some of the kids who are watching Toy Story 2. Thanks to Law who helped me operate my DVD player which I thought had been spoilt for a long time already.

A new addition, little baby Ethan. So cute and gazingly lovingly at his mom here.

And everyone brought so much food, we had such a feast! We never go hungry with Mag around, she brought the most! Cw's in the foreground, happily laughing and eating away. Can see Law, Teck in the background, and Eric as well. Lk's somewhere in the kitchen too.

There was a lot of laughter and jokes too. Certainly brightened up my otherwise mundane routine. With Dh out of the country, I lack adult conversations too. Would be great if we can do this often.

Law, Mag and her kids were the last to leave at about 5.30pm. The kids all played together really well. Such a wonderful gathering.

18 June

This time it was KH who specially took leave to come visit me and she brought her ds2. (btw did you know Old Chang Kee delivers too?)

However, since I had to walk ds1 to JP for his camp, I bought an assortment of Old Chang Kee snacks home. Fishballs, pineapple tart, chicken mushroom puff, curry puffs. Also bought the popular KFC egg tarts.

So glad I bought the fishballs. Little Brendan loved them. He has a good appetite and will eat anything KH offers him. He would sit in the highchair and occupy himself throughout our chat. Very well-behaved.

Jerry was supposed to come as well but he couldn't make it. However, I did meet up with him on Sat for a short while because he bought the Young Parents stuff at Marina Square for me. (I couldn't go out shopping at all cos of the 3 kiddos and their various schedules.)

KH is juggling many things now. She is working full time at MOE, does not have a helper, and is going to move to her own place soon. She also brought her son to my place, taking the MRT all the way from Kembangan.

I am so blessed to have so many good friends. It is because of them that I got to enjoy such an enriching week.

I am also happy to see everyone of them so happy and doing so well in their careers, their lives and with their families.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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