Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ;
12:08 AM
31 May

Dh was due to arrive at almost midnight on that day. He was on the same UAE flight from Dubai, as the famous Singapore paddlers who won the gold. (Both he and they had to transit in Dubai.) So funny, first time he touched down at Changi Airport with so many people welcoming him back, cheering and with flowers. Ok, so they were cheering for the paddlers, but it sure felt good claiming your baggage and seeing so many people crowded there and waving towards your direction. haha

I made the kids nap in the afternoon so they might be able to wait for their daddy to return home after a month of not seeing him. They look so sweet sleeping together. They don't always have such wonderfully synchronised nap times, so this is a rare precious moment.

After dinner, I got them to write and colour some welcome notes and we pasted them around the home, at the main gate and even at the lift landing!

There, at the lift. Since the entire floor knows my family, we figured, no harm putting some signs out. I will clear them after Dh returns anyway.

(Why the entire floor knows us is not just because we are such friendly people who greet all our neighbours everyday. And it's not because I often bake extra stuff for them. It's not because we help water their plants either. And neither because I often chat with them. It is because the entire floor can hear me when I shout at my kids and when my kids fight amongst themselves. And when dd cries, yup, I think even the kids in the playground downstairs at the ground floor can hear.)

Dh is really on a business trip. All he brought back for the kids and me are: Haribo gummies.
And only these few packs.

My mom got some dates from Dubai and my mil got some olives from France. He had no time for shopping!!

We are really thankful and glad to have him back, even if it's just for 1+ short week.
And just so happen, our dear friend's wake and cremation was that week. And then something cropped up as well that required Dh's time to help out. So that was it, and he flew off again, for Ohio, USA, for another month.

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