Monday, June 28, 2010 ;
11:42 PM
This is Part 3 of the hotel stay/ Vesak Day weekend. (28-29 May)

After checking out of the hotel, we took a cab to the National Museum (didn't drive cos it was in the CBD).

The museums in Singapore were having this Children's Season and there were many interesting exhibits and activities for kids.

Here's one where many recycled or ordinary objects and stationery were made into strong magnets and can be arranged on a huge metal board. Very fun for all ages.

There were roving acts too, and this robot from Australia was one of them. The boys were very enthralled, naturally. Cos this robot talks and walks like a robot and that's very funny to them. I had to stop ds1 from harassing the robot though cos he was so curious he went to pat the robot on the bum, just to see what he's made of. But since there was a real person inside, I was so afraid it meant ds1 molested him!

Another area was so delightful and cheerful with the colourful and bright props. It's like a giant flannel storyboard and all the props have velcro on them so the kids can arrange the characters or items into pictures that tell stories.

Both ds were using a range of unlikely-to-come-together characters.

Then ds1 sat ds2 down and began telling his story. His voice was pretty loud and animated so it attracted the attention of kids around him as well. He sounded a lot like a teacher, haha.

There were many permanent exhibits and galleries but we only went into one where the opera and film scene in the past was showcased. Dd was so heavy, it was good my sis helped me with the German Didymos sling so her weight was more distributed across my shoulders and I could last longer, walking around for hours.

This other area was the most meaningful for me. The famous cartoon artist Miel drew this long long wall mural depicted the entire history of Singapore, from Sang Nila Utama to other important people, and with many iconic buildings represented. Very beautiful and also entertaining. The kids can really learn history in a fun way through this mural.

Best of all, they get the kids involved by asking them to draw what Singapore would be in future and they paste the kids' work up as well.

So the mural goes from left to right, with it ending here: you can see all the latest developments in Singapore - MBS, Flyer, Esplanade, even UFO and spaceships, haha.

Move further to the right, and the kids' works are featured, to show how Singapore will turn out beyond what Miel has drawn.

These are the boys' works that were pinned up. I felt it was a pity they didn't fully understand what they could do in a meaningful manner. They were just drawing what they fancied... This is ds1's.

And ds2's. I did ask him, there would be dinosaur-like robots in Singapore next time, is it? He just "uh-huh" and that's that. If I had the time, I would prefer going through the whole mural with them and then talk about various possibilities of Singapore in the future, before drawing anything. But then, I was with dd outside the arena. Next time then...

In the green square outside the museum, there was a carnival for the kids. Again, face painting, balloon sculpturing. All free. I wonder is it because I don't let the boys buy guns and swords so they always ask for such balloon sculptures... I would think animal or flower designs are so much prettier. I'll wait for dd to grow up, I am sure she'll ask for that. :-)

The cookie decorating was most fun for the boys cos they get to squirt a lot of colourful icing and then eat the cookie. They are taught how to do it as well. I was watching them being taught, when I noticed someone very familiar sitting with her daughter at the same table. Can you spot the girl with a butterfly face paint?

Turned out her mom was Dh and my NIE senior. She was in the batch before us, who organised our Freshmen Orientation Camp when we first entered NIE. Such a pleasant surprise! She's not in schools now, at MOE HQ. And the last time I saw her she wasn't even married yet. Look at her kids now. Of course, she was similarly surprised to see me and my kids! She also asked after Dh so I told her he is overseas and that he is not in MOE anymore as well.

Her son's tiger face paint was done very nicely. I wish I can do that!

ds1 done with his cookie. He chose a car. ds2 chose a bear.

ds2 took a much longer time with his cookie. He wanted icing of every colour, that's why!

Oh yes, a shot of ds2's wound on his foot. Remember Dh's brother gave us a ride to the hotel from my mil's place? When ds1 was entering the car, he opened the front passenger door and got in. My bil's car is the Mazda MPV with sliding doors behind. So there are no barriers between the front and back doors.

As ds1 was closing the front car door, ds2 was stepping up, getting ready to enter the middle aisle of the car. His left foot was on the step of the middle aisle, but at the spot where the front door will close!

I was right behind ds2 and had to watch it happen!!! Argh. It was too quick for me to do or say anything. I just saw ds1 slam the door close and right onto ds2's left foot. He didn't cry at once, but bent down and clutched his foot saying "ow ow ow".

I had to quickly open the front door. Fortunately it closed onto the part where his sandals had a strap across his foot. So his foot itself was just crushed a little. Still it caused quite some bleeding that took a while to subside and the bruise and scab itself took a whole week to disappear. Sigh.

That's not all. I said there was another long story when we reached home from the National Museum right?

We were all tired from the hotel stay and the museum trip, and were lugging big bags. We were also hungry and thirsty. We also took a long time to get a cab to bring us home.

When I finally opened the door, we realised there had been an electrical trip while we were away at the hotel (most probably due to lightning during thunderstorm)! Cos the lights and fans weren't working. A check at the mains showed that to be true. We got the electricity up and running again, but then I suddenly remembered! Oh man, the fridge!

Oh dear, my ice/ butter were all melted, the milk gone bad.... Fortunately I'd finished my Ben& Jerry's before leaving. There was some frozen beef and pork. It was a mess.

Sigh... Sometimes things happen... That day I was really frustrated with all the extra work clearing out the fridge, unpacking and washing dirty laundry. But now, when I post the pics and look back, it was not a big deal. The happy memories of the hotel stay and museum trip far outweigh this.

A great weekend overall!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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