Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ;
10:55 PM
5 June
10am - 2pm

Carnival at ds2's school

They were having a carnival at ds2's kindy to raise funds for a children's charity.

We bought tickets to play games, eat popcorn and candy floss and the proceeds go to the charity. All the booths were manned by the school's teachers.

There were all the usual carnival games that were modified to suit kids aged 18months to 6 yrs old (the clientele of the school).

This one involves using chopsticks (kiddy ones) to pick marbles from a sand tray. ds2 is having a go. I think ds1 finished his turn already.

There was a sing-along session throughout the carnival so in between playing games, the kids could go sit and sing or even dance to the music. The teachers played guitars, sang and danced too.

Of course there was balloon sculpturing and face painting. My kids didn't want face paints this time, but they sure wanted balloons. Most of the kids were from their school but some were from other branches of the same umbrella school. Some teachers came from other branches too, to lend support.

I like how whenever there is some event, the teachers have some kind of colour for their dress code. This event, they all dressed in white top, beige or khaki bottom. I like seeing how the different teachers mix and match the styles. And some of them are so pretty. haha. I like seeing how the pregnant teachers wear their maternity clothes to the same colour combination too.

A video clip of the marimba session. The music teachers set up several self-made marimbas. And the kids could play along with their parents and teachers. It was a lot of fun. Dh took this at the start of the session. ds2 was still quite "blur" so I was showing him what to do.

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