Saturday, June 12, 2010 ;
4:03 PM
More records of milestones:
1. dd can lift up her head and shoulders (forgot to record this earlier, I think)
2. She just started turning over from front to back. Back to front - not yet.
3. She can sit in the middle of the bed (no support) for about 20-30s unassisted. I think it's cos her bum is very big and wide, lol. Usually after a short period of time, she will gradually tilt and loll to one side, or forward.

I read about the tree with rotten roots falling over and injuring an elderly lady, near the Istana. I remember posting not too long ago, about me and both ds playing there on our way to Plaza Singapura from Dh's office. Oh man, it could have been us! And I was almost going to pop then! So dangerous. Really, life is like a vapour, can die anytime.

This truth hit home again with the passing of my friend. We went for all her wake services, in English and Mandarin and then the cremation at Mandai Columbarium.

With each day, I am better able to accept her absence. So I was rather composed at the cremation, just tearing up a little in the eyes. However, when my friend's hubby told their almost 3 yr old son to "Say goodbye to mommy, come, quickly, tell mommy byebye" as the coffin was moving in to be turned into ashes, I couldn't take it anymore, and the tears just flowed. The same for everyone in there. Everyone was crying when the coffin entered the area and the sliding doors closed.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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