Monday, June 28, 2010 ;
6:33 PM
A bit backdated:

May 28 was Vesak Day and it was a public hol.

So in the morning, my in laws wanted to walk the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve trail with the grandkids. Hence my bil, who lives nearby, swung by and picked me and kids up and we all went to my mil's.

Dd was already very heavy then, and if I were to sling her, we'd both be very hot (to the point of being heat stroke sometimes), so I told my in laws I'd stay in the house while they went for the walk. It was about 9am but extremely hot already.

Also, the walk was so long, no one would take turns carrying her since Dh is not around, so I wisely stayed home. True enough, it was 11+am when they walked back. All hot and sweaty and red in the face. Bil's dd even wanted him to carry her and she is already 5yo. I thought in my heart, if I went, I probably needed someone to carry me too. Haha.

Then we had lunch and when bil's family was leaving, he kindly gave me and kids a ride to Stamford hotel at Raffles City. (My sil and the eldest niece did not turn up for the family gathering cos she had too much work to do, hence there was space in the car for us.)

It was a day of family gatherings for sure. When we arrived, I met my other bil - my sis' hubby this time.

They were just about to check in, just nice!

My sis has some membership with the Raffles group of hotels so through her, I got a great big room at a discount. My parents also took a room, so all 3 families will be spending 2d1n there. Pity Dh is not around. We do this about annually, and he loves it too. I read in the papers they call it a "stay-cation" now. But we have done this since eons ago cos my dad likes to do it. He doesn't like travelling far away to have adventures, he likes to just spend time in the hotel, so we just book one in Singapore. (At his age, it is quite tiring to take long flights or road trips.)

The boys always shriek and holler and jump around the beds when we enter any hotel room. To them, somehow being away from home means the liberty to go wild. I don't know why they think like that. Even though we're still within Singapore, when I see the crisp clean sheets, the huge bathroom and the magnificent view, I also relax and try to impose less rules on the boys.

Another thing the boys love to do is to start writing notes and drawing on the hotel writing pad. Then they would want to watch TV. Why? Cos we don't have cable TV at home and hotels we go to usually have a whole range of cable channels, so they happily sit down and indulge themselves.

Here you can see ds2 glued to the screen and ds1 is happily channel surfing, in control of the remote.

I placed dd on the king-sized bed in the background.

I think she enjoyed the lovely white sheets too!

From our balcony, we could see the Marina Bay Sands. Such an iconic architecture. I read all about the SkyPark which will be at the top, and the infinity pool. But I am kind of afraid of heights, I wonder if I would dare to go up and walk around without the fear of falling off. :-)

Can see the Esplanade too. The view of that particular room I was given was superb. Also, there were 2 balconies. One facing the MBS and the other facing the other side (I don't know how to describe.)

This is the view of the other side.

Forgot to say their service is excellent too. Despite the hotel being fully booked that day (it was the start of the Great Singapore Sales) and the lobby was full of Singaporeans and tourists alike, waiting to check in at 2pm, they still had baby cots for both my sis and me.

The cots are done up with bright and colourful cot bumpers and sheets. They provide blankets, and a complimentary baby bath kit.

Although dd sleeps with me at night cos I bf, I do use the cot frequently in the day when I want her to sleep in peace while the boys jump around on the main bed.

In the evening, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at Prego. I love their pizzas. And there was free cake. It was kind of a pre-celebration of my birthday with my family.

We didn't manage to do much shopping even though it was the GSS. I saw throngs of people buying tons of stuff but cos I had the 3 kids and Dh wasn't around, it would be tough to lug the kids around shopping.

However, for a brief 1 hour when my mom babysat them in the room, I slipped out with my sis and we bought lots of cookies and biscuits at Marks and Spencers and we browsed the kids/ toy section at Robinsons. Yup, funny that I ended up with only food to show from the GSS. But I thoroughly enjoyed my Jam and Cream sandwich cookies. So so yummy.

The next day, after a sumptuous breakfast, we had late check out and then went to the National Museum for the Children's Season events before heading home.

I got a shock when I reached home but that's another story...

(this is pt 1, pt 2: hotel stay photos contd, pt 3: museum and home)

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