Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ;
12:29 AM
My birthday with my side of the family was celebrated at the hotel. Kind of.

Then with Dh's side, it started on Tuesday, June 1.

We first paid a visit to Dh's grandma. Yup, that makes our kids her great-grandkids. She is very blessed to have so many greatgrandkids and still be healthy and sane enough to talk and enjoy them. Sometimes she has her forgetful state. She will not recognise my mil, as my mil tells me. But when we were there, she was in her normal state and she could recognise all of us and talk to us coherently.

She has lost a lot of weight though, since the years before we left for Utah. We thought we should take a pic together since it has been a long time since we did so.

Then we went to mil's for dinner. She cooked this especially for me, she said, for my birthday. Ok, the prawns are for Dh, of course. My mil said he's "so poor thing, one whole month in Europe, no prawns to eat". haha

I am quite blessed. She knows all my fav dishes cos I lived with her for 5 years before we left for Utah. So I got quite a good feast and enjoyed tucking in.

Then the next day, on the actual day itself. I got my "presents" from Dh and my mom. They asked what I really would like. Actually Angeling also asked me. I thought and thought. There was nothing I would like more than to be able to sleep uninterrupted for maybe a week.

But that's impossible since I breastfeed. So ok, what's next.

I told Angeling, I love to eat. Get me some nice stuff to eat. And she really did. Her hubby gave me a bag of goodies at night when we met for Bible class. And that's when her sister was lying in hospital fighting for her life. So I was really touched.

To Dh, I asked for time. Personal time. I haven't had a manicure and pedicure since the time I got married (for the wedding). I suddenly wished to do that. On a whim. So Dh took care of dd and ds1 (ds2 was in school) while I scooted off to JP.

I have short fingernails though. Cos I do housework, take care of baby and play the piano. So I chose to just buff and shine the fingernails. For the feet, I chose my colour, and then opted for some flowers and crystals. Yay!

While having the pedicure, I watched a movie. They played some B-grade flick, whose title I can't even remember now. But I still remember laughing while watching, so that was a good thing. I also chatted with the ladies and they say I am "so cute, haven't done a pedicure for 8 yrs". Very funny meh? You mean, I must do such things on a regular basis?

I have survived so long doing it myself.... Not that professional looking, but can do...

And this is the result. Maybe it'll be another 8 years till I do something that pretty on my toes again. So I better document it.

From my mom, I got her to babysit dd in the afternoon when Dh brought ds1 for piano class. I rushed to JP again. (Yup, you didn't read wrongly. I had to rush back home to nurse dd then I rushed back to JP again. Cos she doesn't even drink expressed bm.)

This time I went and got a hair cut. I felt so so good after that. Men should understand that too. Even after men get a haircut, they feel refreshed and happy, isn't it. And lighter and more cheerful?

It is so rare that I could run out and do things alone, have personal time to pamper myself... So I really appreciated it and had a fantastic birthday!

Got a Bakerzin strawberry shortcake birthday cake. Yum!! Oops, can tell my age from the pic!!! Oh no!

The kids were really sweet on my birthday. They've not reached the age where they can buy me stuff or cook me a meal, but they can tell me:
"Mom, you said before the thing you most wanted was for us to be good boys, right?"
"So today is your special day and we will be good boys today."

Ok... that's good enough, it's really difficult to have a whole day without them doing something that will increase my blood pressure, so I take that as a wonderful birthday present.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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