Friday, May 14, 2010 ;
12:38 PM
Received another package for dd, this time via DHL from the States. But the billing address was from China. A little puzzling... but realised it's from a fellow mom at the boys' intl school. She is so sweet to remember dd.

Look! Such adorable pretty stuff.

And she also thoughtfully did not forget both boys! They each received a cool tee each!

30 April Fri

Picnic at Jurong Central Park

Decided we love picnics and want to have them every weekend.

This time we asked my sis' family along.

This park has a huge grassy area and there's usually strong winds in the evening, so people like to fly their kites there. I noticed more and more fancy kites nowadays. So all we do is to sit on the grass and watch people fly kites. (Since I am too lazy to run with dd, I didn't want to fly a kite myself.)

It was breezy, so it was a pleasant experience.

The boys of course wouldn't just sit still and look at the kites. They ran around and cycled (they brought their bikes - the park is just across the street from our apt.)
Towards 7pm, my sis took her bubbles out and blew many many bubbles since my niece loved them. I guess no kid is too old for bubbles. My boys went crazy too. Have to do more of these before my sis moves to the UK this Sept.

2 May

Dh was leaving for Munich at 10pm. While he was at work that Sun afternoon, (last min rushing his packing of tools and his competition bows) I got the boys to write some "love notes" and draw some drawings and we stuffed them here and there everywhere within his luggage.

In between his clothes, with the toiletries, in the file of documents etc...

It gave him some excitement when unpacking his luggage miles away from home. And it gave him chance to take it out when he skyped home and talked to the boys. They were so ecstatic when they saw him holding the papers - they jumped up and down and shrieked.

They wanted him to show them each piece one by one just to make sure he found all of them, and they started explaining each drawing and story. So it allowed for a longer conversation over skype. Otherwise, the kids always wander off after an initial "hi" (with most skype calls).

1 May

Dh was working crazy hours just before he left. He worked till 4am in the morning on Sunday. Yes, and he left for work early in the morning on Sat. He slept only about 3 hours, the last few nights. I am glad he has such passion for his work, he is truly a workaholic.

However, it means I am left with entertaining the kids. Our kids have no enrichment, tuition whatever most days. Ds1 has an hour of piano on Sat, and that was even cancelled this particular Sat. With dd, I am not physically up to bringing them all to far-flung places or on strenuous outings to the zoo or hiking in the parks.

And I had a couple of loads of laundry to do that day, thanks to ds2 who peed on his bed cos he drank too much and slept too soundly the night before (too tired, slept late), and thanks to dd who regurgitated all her milk feed when she cried too hard and coughed and choked - on my bed. So I had bedsheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, clothes etc to wash. Had to stay at home.

But the boys were going wild. I know I will be in for lots of mess to clean up if they get bored and start having ideas like cutting paper, playing playdough etc. I was just not up to dealing with more mess that day, cos I was also stressed up at the thought of Dh going to be away for a month.

Hence I plonked them in the bathroom with their bowls and cups, their cars and Ikea stools. They played inside for more than an hour till their fingertips were all wrinkly and white. It was a good narrow space to confine them. It gave me lots of space outside of that bathroom, to breathe. haha. Anyway, they look pretty happy in there, right?

In the evening, we went to my in laws' place for their cousin's birthday celebration. My mil is quite humourous. She said for my bil's kids' birthdays, they have to be celebrated at her place. If we went to my bil's place, we'd all starve. (She was refering to a few times when we went there to have dinner or for a birthday celebration, there was very little food.)

So she'll cook up a big feast and we'll all eat at my mil's place instead.

Their cousin wanted to have self-decorated cupcakes too, so they had their fun with what sil bought. Here's the birthday girl getting ready to blow out the candles. She is my mil's grandchild no. 8. My dd is grandchild no. 9. I think that should be all the grandkids my mil will have. Someone joked that she should have 10, a nice number... But none of us plan to have any more, for sure... :)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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