Wednesday, May 19, 2010 ;
12:14 PM
7 May
5pm to 7.30pm

West Coast park picnic

Gathered with my parents and my sis' family for a picnic, this time at West Coast Park. Our spread of food was more lavish this time because it was a celebration for mothers' day as well.

There were durian puffs and macarons for dessert!

The boys had a blast in the playground. This is ds1 on the spider web. He used to have one at the school in Tianjin and of course his primary school doesn't have such a large playground now. ds1 is the figure right at the top of the "pyramid". ds2 is the one nearer the base.

ds2 received a bicycle for his 5th birthday too, just like how we got the ah pek bike for ds1's birthday. Being the younger brother who just looks up to everything the older one does and has, he loved the basket in front of his bike too.

However, while ds1 started riding his bike without trainer wheels early on, even before he turned 5, ds2 seems perfectly happy with his trainer wheels. So we are letting him decide, in his own time, when he would want to "go faster, and be a big boy" (the way ds1 wanted), and request to remove them.

Now the 2 of them enjoy their rides around the estate very much and I would be sitting or on the swing with baby, keeping an eye on them. As they ride past me though, they always unabashedly shout loudly a big "hi" to me and their sister and "i love you, mom!".

People around tend to look at me once the boys shout so loudly, so I always feel a little embarrassed. But I always shout back, because I know one day they will be embarrassed for me to call out to them in public loudly. And I better treasure this now, for I know not how long it will last. :-)

[ds1 still hugs me and tells me he loves me very much. I shall keep a record and see when it will last till. ds2 of course, is still very much stuck to me. He still wants to marry me when he grows up, although sometimes he changes it to "I love E so much, I want to marry her when I grow up, ok, mommy?", while hugging and kissing dd all over.]

Now that Dh is away, for so long, I have to continue bringing them out to release their energy. Yet I cannot manage trips to the zoo or faraway places with all 3 alone, so I've used the playground and ball courts downstairs very heavily these 4 weeks.

When my mom helps, she brings them for a cycle or runaround too. And when she agrees, I can get everyone out further... Like the Jurong Bird Park. Cos at least I get another pair of adult hands and eyes.

The boys enjoying their ball kicking and throwing in the court just below our apt. I could stay upstairs and peek out at them too, but I decided to bring baby out as well to tire her out. Then she sleeps better as well.

Only my back and shoulder aches from carrying and slinging her, and my wrists get painful holding her upright, cos she likes to stand on my thighs and jump, and she refuses to sit in the stroller. Sigh. (once they enjoy the closeness and warmth of the sling, they somehow don't like their car seats, their strollers, cots...)

Again, I bear with it now, cos one day soon she will grow up too. And she will no longer need me to carry her. :-)

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