Thursday, May 27, 2010 ;
5:50 PM
18 May
10.45am - 1pm

ds2's class is doing Water conservation, the Water cycle and Water all around us currently. They did experiments in class, like on the displacement of water, and how things can float or sink in water. They also played games and learnt how to conserve water.

ds2 did become a lot more aware on how to save water around the house after that.

So the field trip for this topic was a visit to the Newater plant.

His teacher knows how much I love photos, so she gave me a CD of those she took using her cell phone. Not that clear but at least it's a record and it allows ds2 to tell me, Dh and ds1 all about the trip using the photos. He is usually very enthusiastic when he tells us about things in school.

This shows their class (without uniform, in foreground) and kids from other kindies in the background. They are listening to an introductory talk. ds2 did return and tell me about filtration and about sewage processing, so I guess he was attentive, even though one of his classmates looked very bored here, haha (the one lying on the ground).

Since the school doesn't have a uniform, for each field trip, the teacher will tell us what colour tee to wear so they at least look like they belong together. They also wear a pin badge for easy identification during field trips. This time, the colour is orange!

In the pic below, ds2 is in the center. The teacher asked them to bring water bottles with straps and he didn't have one, so my mom and me used ribbons/ strings to make a temp one on his current water bottle. Didn't want to buy one especially for this occasion since his water bottle is still new. You can see the thick homemade strap across his neck here.

They are playing a game that teaches them about water, according to ds2.

Some interactive displays around the center that caught he and his friend's attention.

One classmate forgot abt the orange tee, I think. :-)

Watching a video in the auditorium. ds2 said it was very interesting, all about how dirty water becomes clean. And they came back with a bottle of Newater. Not sure if any of you still have reservations on drinking Newater? Long ago, when it was just produced, I was very hesitant. Only now, after so many years, I would think, since no one died, perhaps it is really safe to drink.

And no choice, since Singapore is so small, without natural resources, we can't rely so much on Malaysia for our water demands for too long. Better accept this Newater.

They apparently have "educated" our young ones very well. Ds2 returned to tell me that Singapore has 4 sources of water. Reservoir, Sea (desalination), Newater (purify non-potable water by reverse osmosis) and "buy from other countries". lol. And he can also tell me "buying from other countries not so good, you know".

That's their sweet and beautiful teacher (the main one). They have another Chinese teacher who followed them on this trip too, cos all their lessons are bilingual (school's bilingual immersion policy). This English and Math teacher is very patient, kind and understanding.

ds2 adores her. An eg: ds2 is fussy with food. He eats the top of the broccoli, for example, and dislikes fruits like honeydew and papaya. But from day 1, this tr has been firm and consistent. She said everyone has to eat some fruit. If that day, honeydew is being served, then ds2 has to eat some. He needn't eat the whole big piece, but he has to eat some.

So from not eating it at all, he would eat a small bite now. He still doesn't like it, but he will try to eat a small mouthful. And he tells me papaya is not too bad now. haha. We still haven't succeeded on durian though. It is not served in school and at home, he still refuses to try any.

ds2 and his very good friend, who is Dh's JC classmate's daughter. ds2 doesn't do the "V" sign at home at all, neither does he normally pose in pics with that sign. But when R does it, he does it too! He just follows his friends in whatever they do!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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