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18 May

Dd's first vaccination at the polyclinic. This Hep B 2nd dose was supposed to be given at 1mth of age but she kept having it postponed because of various illnesses in the house. With the boys going to school, they bring home all kinds of viruses and kept having either a cold or whatever, and ds2's school had a HFMD round. He was spared but the clinic didn't allow dd to take the jab, which is wise.

She also had her 3mth old Developmental assessment at the same time, by the doc. She passed it with flying colours. The doc says her neck muscles are very strong and her legs can support her whole body's weight already.

Given that her weight is 7.8kg, which places her above the 97th percentile, the doc says that is very good.

Her height was recorded to be 61.5cm which is at the 75th percentile and her head circumference was 42cm, which is at the 90th percentile.

The last reading was a surprise to me cos our family are all small-headed. (note: small head does not equal to small or reduced brain capacity, in case Dh reads this. he often chides me for saying negative things about our kids.)

The boys had head circumferences that always hovered around 50th percentile and lower. I don't know if the nurse made a mistake in calculating, but I just take her records in the health booklet and type them here.

Her height to weight ratio is also at 97%. Then they asked me, "wah, what brand milk powder you give her?"

At the waiting area, many other parents will come and ask how old she is, comment on how chubby she is, then ask me what milk I feed her. Only one mom asked, "you breastfeed her, is it?"

Oh, and a funny thing occurred. This undergrad at NUS doing her final year project came to me with a survey. She's attached to the psychology unit at NUH I think. She completed the survey with me then said my score indicates I have some trouble coping with my newborn and she gave me hotline numbers to call should I need someone to consult, or confide in. And gave me a pamphlet on parenting workshops and counselling sessions. The brochures are printed by the NUH psychiatry dept that specialises in postnatal depression.

Wow, thank you very much man! So I look like I am depressed, which is why she approached me, and then I really am, from her questions, huh?

All I did was be honest, and a little sarcastic too, when she asked what services would be good for new parents. Her list gave a lot of useless things (I think) like a lot of theoretical sessions and workshops. I told her practical things like having childcare facilities at the sports stadium, at gyms like Amore, and swimming pools would be good for a start.

And I mentioned the Ministers supporting what Prof Hans Rosling from Sweden said, mentioning fathers should step up and play an equal part etc...
And I said why the society hasn't viewed SAHMs as contributing much is because of mindset. And so many families rely on foreign domestic workers that there hasn't been much support or facilities out there that can help relieve SAHMs or WOHMs without helpers.

Maybe my slight ranting caused her to rate me as being depressed... lol.

I told her about the situation in USA and Australia, where I've personally seen and experienced such support and facilities. Very cheap and good childminding when moms want to exercise. And then I read about Sweden, it's terrific there, if you have kids.

Ok anyway, I recycled those pamphlets in the paper bin.

Back to dd and her vaccination. She was perfectly happy and in good spirits till the jab went in. Her wail was eardrum splitting. So unlike ds2 who remained quiet, and did not even feel the needle. Maybe it was the skill of the nurse?

She stopped crying soon after I pacified her but has been super complaining at home so far, and waking often to require my reassurance. My mom says it could be that she thought I pinched her real hard and was now insecure as to whether I still love her. lol.

And oh, this pic in this post shows her sleeping in a baby patch romper that Dory sent (thanks!). The size is 6-12mth, but it's just nice or a little snug for her now. Her sizing for other brands like Carters (9mth), Mothercare (9-12mth), Pumpkin Patch (6-12mth) are all way above her age.

This is similar to ds2. He was like that below 1yo, then after 1yo, all my kids shrink in size. Such that now, when ds1 is 7, he can still wear 4T sized shorts (for 4-5 yo). So I guess I need not worry about dd's weight yet. We'll do a review when she's 1yo. :-)

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