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2 Apr
Good Fri Hol

Brought kids to the Science Center cos the Pixar Animation Exhibition just opened and Dh's side extended clan went to do Qing Ming stuff in the morning and will meet for lunch at the Science Center's Sakura restaurant.

The Pixar Exhibition costs a lot more than the usual Sci Center admission but we paid cos we thought it would give the kids a good idea of how the movies are made. They had a lot of publicity in the papers.

However, even though there was a lot of information, it seemed geared more towards people who can appreciate it - film makers and those who can read all the tiny details/ fine print.

The kids can only look at the drawings and what they enjoyed was just the zoetrope and the video clip on how the pictures/ paintings come to life for the different movies like Toy Story, Incredibles, Ratatouille...

For the Pixar Shorts, they showed the exact same short films we had in our Pixar Shorts DVD already. That was not worth it.

For me, I liked the 3D Zoetrope and the film showing how the still life pics are turned into animations too. The zoetrope is the coolest.

But still the admission fee is too steep. 3D shows like Toy Story will be charged extra. Those might be worth it but we didn't have time for it and we've always got dizzy watching 3D.

But we adore Pixar movies... I can't wait to bring the kids to Toy Story 3. It's showing in June, yay!

Our kids love every single Pixar movie. This is the cute Monster...

Kids in a scene of Ratatouille.

We finished looking at the exhibits within an hour. There were many sketches, some figurines, photos and paintings but the kids at their age, would not fully appreciate the lifeless sketches and historical facts.

I think it would be better for them to reach out to kids by having some activities, more interactive or hands-on exhibits and some friendly volunteer guides on hand to tell the kids more about the different sections and how to make an animated movie. I had to explain everything to the kids and it wasn't whole lot of fun when I had to read the fine print and then explain in bits (since I'm not an insider).

The local polytechnics set up exhibition booths within the Pixar show as well and they were much more enthusiastic with volunteers explaining their stuff. They had the YOG (Youth Olympics) people there showing kids how to play the various sports online.

We went on to explore the other parts of the Science center.

The Discovery zone had the Discovery channel media room. The blue screen is a perfect backdrop for our picture to be taken, haha. If Dh framed it a little better, and we all dressed up more, it would look like a studio shot!

The mirrors in that zone... Kids had a lot of fun fooling around in it, making many "clones" of themselves. They at once tried a lot of fighting stances and laughed hysterically at the effect. It scares me though, to see so many boys... Can't imagine having that many kids, all fighting away.

They had their calm moments, thankfully.

We stopped to browse at the Curiosity Shop on the way out of the Science Center. They saw 2 more Horrible Science books that they didn't have and would really really love to have. They pleaded and begged their dad to buy them, so their dad finally agreed.

They were able to sit and read them while we waited for the rest of the clan for about 1 hour! So it was a good buy. The rest were late because apparently a lot of people were at Sin Ming Drive where the rest of Singapore decided to go do Qing Ming duties there as well. So there was a huge jam.

When they arrived, everyone had a good time eating and chatting. I think the kids treated the restaurant as their home? They walked around and chatted and laughed and played. I just sat and ate and nursed dd back to sleep whenever she woke.

(That's the reason why most breastfed kids are "fat". Or maybe I should say totally direct breastfed kids of SAHMs. Cos when SAHMs need to do something, they want baby to be asleep. What's the easiest way to pacify them, get them into a "drunken stupor" and sleep? Nurse them. So now you know why dd's weight is currently off the charts. I just have the need to do a lot of things everyday, all the time. Like logging into FB, oops.)

I like seeing his aunt have her arm around ds1. We seldom meet this family, only at weddings or Chinese New Year. That makes it once a year. And since we've been to Utah and Tianjin, it's been 3+ years since we last saw them. But when we met them again, the kids were still able to be close to them, talk with them as if they never separated. Hmm, wow.

I like my kids being part of a big extended family and I like them to be close. Just like in the church, and then with their blood relations too. Warms my heart.

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