Tuesday, April 6, 2010 ;
12:05 AM
Recent pics of dd engaged in various activities. Around 1+ to 2 mths old.

Here, the toys on the stroller bar given by Ming and Judith were detached and velcroed onto her wrists. She wasn't aware of them but cos her hands always moved around, the toys made all the rattling and tinkling noises.

Then ds1 played with her, making her smile and vocalise a lot. She was very happy indeed.

To top off the night for her, the 3 males sang many hymns to her, a la the 3 tenors. They really surrounded her and sang. Wow, she is one lucky girl to have so much attention.

When the boys are playing and I need to do some stuff, I realised she can sit happily in the bumbo and watch them for quite some time, maybe 10-15min. That's quite long compared to her normal attention span lying on her back on the bed.

And it's enough for me to go to the toilet, take clothes out of the washing machine, or eat something. So I am thankful for that, thanks to Mary who lent me the bumbo!

(I just need to make sure behind her head is something soft/ padded and around her as well, just in case she jerks her head back or falls forward, which is not supposed to happen, but I do it just in case.)

Her trip to NTUC with daddy! Quite rare!

Sitting before 2 mths old! haha. Only on the soft La-z-boy recliner, cos it can support her back, bum and thighs in such a way she can remain upright.

She is quite demanding and requires either nursing or rocking/ carrying to be able to fall asleep and remain asleep. But who has the time to keep doing that?

I have resorted to many ways short of buying a sarong rocker bed. This is one way:
Place her on her side with firm pillows behind and in front of her to simulate me still lying beside her and give her the false idea that she is still being nursed to sleep.

Place firm and heavy pillows on her tummy and legs to give her the impression that she is still being carried. Basically surround her. Her back must be against the bed's headboard too. And the folded blanket is touching her cheek, as if I am still beside her.

She can sleep slightly longer in these positions, apart from lying on her tummy while sleeping.

Surprise parcel came from UK for her! Lovely Pumpkin patch clothes, a pretty princess board book, a card and a drool-worthy funny book for mommy! Thanks, Dory!

She loves to lie on the changing station, look up at the light and air con unit and "talk" to them. haha.

One of the few rare times she fell soundly asleep cos she is so tired that she was able to lie on the bed without all the pillows and what not.

Often, I have to place her on her tummy. It is advised against by many experts because of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or suffocation.

But it is the only position she can sleep for 2 hrs uninterrupted, cos she feels secure. I just have to keep checking on her and make sure my bed is firm and without loose cloth that might smother her.

Her mouth and lips often become compressed and look like a bird's beak, very funny.

Both ds1 and ds2 often slept on their tummy as infants as well. They also had colic and it soothes them to sleep on the tummy. Sometimes we just have to take expert recommendations, think it over but not blindly follow. Can modify a bit to suit our circumstances, but overall still observe safety standards.

Pic below: lying on the sofa, on ds1's pillow, communicating with us. She loves to coo, gurgle and "say" all kinds of things now. Very animatedly. Such an enjoyment to watch and listen to her.

We are indeed enjoying this 3rd baby a lot.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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