Thursday, April 8, 2010 ;
12:47 PM
Recently there is a hot debate on "elitism" in the papers/ online.

Maybe there are people who really consider themselves as the elite and view themselves as separate from other groups of people in the society but I don't see how we can behave like that when we are working or interacting with others outside the school context.

My parents didn't know my primary school was a SAP school or even a good one. They just enrolled me in it cos it was the nearest to our house then. Even though most or all of my primary school classmates are earning a lot or are high flyers now, we are all also fathers and mothers and fellow Singaporeans contributing to the country.

All through life after that, I also went to so-called elite schools but perhaps didn't feel all that "elite" or special because I still went to church and I was the sort who went home after school everyday, not hanging out with friends at Orchard Rd. Only in JC did I stay out late, but mostly in school or the vicinity as well. So I cannot consider myself as only hanging out with "elite" friends.

I think upbringing and how the parents teach the child is more important. It moulds them and influences them. The imprinting is most crucial in childhood. My parents never told me and my sis that we were so special. They didn't place much emphasis on academic results. If we did well, they were happy for us, but we never saw them telling others how good we were, so we didn't feel we were that great either.

Also, they happen to be the reserved and quiet type. So I hardly highlight my strengths and achievements. I admit this could be a disadvantage during work reviews. I do write out all the work and achievements I accomplished over the year but mostly, my supervisors had to see what I did for themselves. I don't talk about them.

I have met many who will introduce themselves and then straightaway list all their achievements. And they are very vocal during meetings or gatherings. As long as the views are constructive and helps others, I don't think anyone would think they are boastful. But we have all met those who are obviously proud and elitist, I guess. I can at once think of a few... haha

Dh came from a different background. His siblings and himself are very vocal. That is not a bad thing.

However, before he became a Christian, he admitted that he seldom thought of how others would feel when he made certain remarks. His good friends would know he is just very frank and straightforward, but he would rub strangers or acquaintances off the wrong way with his direct comments. Sometimes, he comes across as elitist, I guess. Now he is much more mellow.

Ok I digress from the post. These are the remaining photos on ds2's bday.

The cupcakes he decorated for his Sunday School teachers:

The class photo taken on that day. The girls in his class are so sweet. He is the one in a black shirt in the center of the middle row.

Then on Sunday evening at mil's house with his cousins. These cupcakes were also decorated with cream cheese icing by him but the sprinkles and M&Ms were topped by the cousins themselves.

Sample pack of the goody bag he packed for his friends at school.

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