Wednesday, April 28, 2010 ;
4:59 PM
ds1 returned home with 5 empty seaweed wrappers in his shirt pocket today.

I was surprised because I give him only 80cents each morning now, just enough for his mee soto or spaghetti in the school canteen.

(He told me about many friends buying this toy ring from the school bookshop that can light up, and it cost $4. He also mentioned friends who always buy a cold drink together with the bowl of noodles or plate of rice. A plate of chicken rice costs $1.50. A cold drink ranges from 80 cents to $2. I told him to drink and eat all he wants at home, and his toys at home are so plentiful so he doesn't need the extra money to buy anything else in school except for the main course.)

He explained that his friends gave them to him! SK, a boy, gave him 1 packet while another girl, St gave him 4 packets. Each packet has 3-4 seaweed pieces and costs 10 cents.

I was taken aback.

Me: Did you ask them to buy for you?
ds1: No, they gave it to me.
Me: (not sure if their parents would like it) Err, maybe next time just take 1 packet ok? 4 is too many.
ds1: ok
Me: Why did they give it to you?
ds1: They know I like to eat seaweed.
Me: Oh (look of disbelief on face)

ds1 then proceeded to justify that since he saw I look unconvinced.

ds1: Many people in class like me.
Me: Really? Why?
ds1: because I always make them laugh.
Me: How?
ds1: I keep cracking jokes. Everyone laughs when I say things in class. Everyone except Mdm I.
(Mdm I is his form teacher/ homeroom teacher!!!)

Oh man... I sure hope when it comes to Parent-Teacher meetings, I can still hold my head up high!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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