Friday, April 9, 2010 ;
12:26 PM
Funny incident:
ds1 came home from school, entered the house and handed me a piece of drawing block paper (A3 size).

ds1: "Mom, I want to recycle this."
Me: You don't want it anymore?
ds1: Yup. (went on to toilet, washed hands, then looked for food to eat)
Me: (looked at the drawing, which is quite neat, but not by him) Why? It looks quite nice. Did someone give it to you?
ds1: Yup, but I don't want her to think I like her so much. Don't want to keep. Recycle it.

This is the drawing:

Not his style. Of course not done by him. Looks like it was done by a girl.

This is his style. This particular drawing is on our fridge at the moment. They (ds1 and ds2) change their fridge drawings once in a while, by themselves.

This pic, with albatross, raven, arrows, darts... Usually his pics will have some powerful animals, robots or monsters and there'd be some form of aggression for sure.

I looked at the former pic by the girl. It had flowers, had girls, had nice neat lines drawn with a ruler. Before reluctantly relegating it to the recycling basket, I flipped it over and saw these words:
"Txxx love Ong Sxx Yxx"
with drawings of a decorated heart shape, and then a boy and a girl sitting together, smiling happily.

(cannot picture it cos it contains the full name of the girl)

Suitably taken aback, I rushed back to question ds1, who was gorging himself with all kinds of food now.

Me: SY gave this to you? She drew it? What does this mean? (pointing to heart shape, to the "love" word, and the boy and girl)
ds1: (mouth full) huh? orh... she said she likes me lor... then she gave it to me..
Me: oh.. but why does it say you love her here?
ds1: don't know? maybe she wants me to love her lor...
Me: *speechless*

After his meal, he settled to do his homework. I was by then preoccupied by a crying dd. But I still carried her and hovered around him, and asked him more about this girl. (haha, the very curious and busybody mom...)

Turns out she sits next to him for English classes. (He says a boy sits beside him for Math, and then they change seats yet again for Chinese due to some banding.)
{I just got to know about banding when he told me that! This is another long story. He doesn't even know what band he is in, and when I asked is he in the worst grouping for Chinese, he claims he is in the best group. Never know when to believe him.}

He also says that sometimes, during recess, she will go and sit beside him to eat. I asked him, "I thought you ate with Fariq everyday?" And he said yes, but she will go and sit there with him too.
All this while, she had sometimes sat with him and he never mentioned it to me!

Then more things came out as I asked him more questions abt the girls in class. It turns out that he still doesn't know where the water cooler in school is. And a girl called XH will fill his water bottle for him as and when he needs it filled!

I was like, what?!?! I duly educated him on the importance of being gentlemanly and chivalrous. He needs to offer to do things for girls and not ask them to do things for him! Aiyoh!

My mom, when she saw the drawing, told ds1 she is glad so many girls like him. It must mean he is a nice boy in school.

Dh, upon seeing the drawing, once again asked if the girl is pretty. duh!
And then, he confidently told me that both his sons will have no problems finding girlfriends/ wives in future. His reasoning is that ds1 will be attractive due to his many talents and intelligence. ds2 will be attractive due to his charm and endearing nature/ sensitive personality.

Is it just me who is worried about ds1? Sigh.. I wish I can be so relaxed and optimistic.


The other activity the boys are engaging in now:

Since ds1 leaves for school earlier and arrives home earlier, while ds2 arrives home later on most days except CCA days for ds1, ds1 has taken to writing and leaving notes for ds2 to discover and read when he gets home.

They'll use my Post-It notes and stick 'em on the study room door. Here's one of the many notes:
"go to the shelter. meet albatross and me. we will plan to attack raider flyer. destroy Him! but how? combine forces!"

Some other notes are quite straightforward, like, "I left you a marshmallow. It's on the table."
Some others are totally in code, I won't be able to make anything out of it. There'll be numbers and some pictures (like a rebus message) but then there'll be some sentences with just letters, like words without vowels.
(ds1 recently borrowed and read a Murderous Math book from the library about codes)

Seriously, I doubt ds2 understands everything his brother wrote, but he enjoys rushing to read them and somehow knows where to go and what to do once he reads them. Ahhh, they have telepathy... It's nice to see them play and interact in a fun and cheerful way.

Then my sis let them choose their birthday presents, budget S$50 (she's a wonderful aunt, what), and ds1 chose Monopoly (the Singapore edition) while ds2 chose a Lego book cum bricks set. They had some balance left over to buy their Schleich/ Bullyland/ Papo animals too!

After the Monopoly was opened, it was played over and over again! Both Dh and I were asked to play with them so many times each day. I have obliged a couple of times, sometimes, even having to carry or sling dd when I play. Now I am totally "off" the game, but they are still at it, albeit the passion is slowly waning.

Here they are, at it with a fervour:

After a few rounds, they (or rather, the cunning ds1) changed a lot of the rules. The 1st rule they changed was to divide all the money up between the 2 of them, so they start ultra rich. The bank has no money, and they don't care.

The other rule was very weird cos it obviously swung all the odds in ds1's favour but ds2 was too young to understand that. I didn't interfere until after a few rounds of losing repeatedly, ds2 came crying to me.

That rule was: all the property cards were divided into 2 groups. ds2 can only buy from one group and ds1 can only buy from the other group. ds2 had all the cards with lower value, eg Joo Chiat Rd, while ds1 had the Sentosa Cove and Tanjong Rhu sets.

That was so funny to me, but obviously not funny at all to ds2.

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