Thursday, March 18, 2010 ;
9:48 PM
This being the last baby we intend to have, I find myself watching her more. We are also more relaxed with her upbringing and care, so we find more time to enjoy her just being herself.

We also realise we didn't take enough baby pics with ds1 so we are trying to make up for it. Perhaps a girl might enjoy looking through old pics much more than boys too?

Anyway, here are some pics showing dd and her antics. She likes to stretch and do all kinds of stuff with her head and face, since she is still exploring the use of her hands.

I have to keep trimming her nails very frequently though, once in 5-6 days maybe? Cos if not, with all these violent manipulations of her face with her fingers, she makes many scratches and some of them bleed too. Which is why many babies wear mittens but I've never had the patience with mittens and bootees.

In winter in temperate countries, they've no choice but to wear those, but in Sg, there is no need to, cos it is so hot. And I hate picking them up when they fall off so easily, and I dislike washing them too, such small pieces in the laundry load. And don't even start asking me to hand wash the baby's clothes. I just don't have the time.

And here she goes smiling in her sleep. She smiles and laughs the most at the first part of her sleep. Just after she closes her eyes.

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