Thursday, March 4, 2010 ;
3:09 PM
Former student commented on my previous post being kinda sad, and today I happen to feel really good, so I think I need to post some comments.

Remember the Bio option 3 part on pregnancy and hormones that affect pregnancy and parturition/ birthing? Students always complain about the number of hormones to remember, why they had such silly names, and how come there was so much to memorise... their effect, action, where they were produced, where they were destroyed blah blah blah. And all those graphs...

So after 3 pregnancies and births, I can attest to the fact that hormonal levels really fluctuate and cause mood swings and emotional high-lows.

Especially the month after birth. I guess there are many sound reasons for asking the mom to rest more in that month, because I find that the more tired I am, the more sad or moody I become.

Hence, during the CNY period, my feelings hit a low, and I think having Dh rushing around to visit others and being less at home, plus not having my mom to help me, caused me to be more tired as well. Therefore, I had more "bad days" during then.

There are good days though. Like the days I get to go to Jurong Point, or go off to see the obgyn and meet up with ex-colleagues for lunch (of course with dd in tow, since she nurses round the clock)... Then to arrange full month celebration stuff..

And the nights she slept well, and the days she slept more, so I can get on the internet longer, or just rest, and get more housework done... Those are lovely days.

Also, when she sleeps more, I get to admire her more. Somehow when babies are sleeping, they look so much more adorable. That is when the bonding kicks in more, and then you feel so glad to be baby's mom.

Try having a colicky baby in your arms who is screaming her head off non-stop and even if she finally manages to sleep, when you put her down on the bed, she wakes up immediately and starts her wailing again.

OR you manage to have a nursing marathon with her, and she finally succumbs to deep slumber, but once you extricate yourself carefully from her nursing deadlock grip, her eyes flutter open on cue, and she starts the rooting, and crying all over if you refuse to continue to nurse her.

Those are times when you feel argh, why were you so stupid to have another, when the 1st 2 babies already put you through all these torture, and you survived... Why do you put yourself through another round...

So to remain positive, once there is a good day, quickly dwell on it, make it known, revel in it. Maybe even record it. Soon the good days trump and outnumber the bad ones. Like with the 2 boys, I think they give me a lot more joy now than when they were toddlers and babies.

So there it is, a good day, and a sweet photo (at least to me) to accompany. This was taken on the day she turned a month old.

She was sleeping on the bed. Ahhh...

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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