Wednesday, March 17, 2010 ;
4:12 PM
You know how the younger siblings are? At this age of 4-5 yrs old, they love their birthdays. And when it so happens that his elder brother has his birthday first, he would keep asking me when would it be his turn.

Thankfully, his is not that long to wait after ds1's, otherwise I'd have him ask me many many times. So, since Feb 2, he has been crossing out each day on the calendar to "wait" for his birthday. And since Feb 2, he has been telling me what he would like to give his friends and what he would like to plan for his friends during his birthday party.

Therefore, I dug out all the stuff I had bought from USA for parties last time (cos they were really much better in quality and much nicer than what I could find at Middle Rd at the party wholesalers here) and also bought some goodies for him to fill up the party bags for his classmates in school and his church friends.

We also roughly discussed what he would have at his birthday party at home (with church friends) and what we would do at his school.

Turns out, we had to cancel the school one due to the school having 11 kids with HFMD (although not from his class but they all share the same common rooms, like music room and so on) and the school had to shut. The timing was so bad, the school was shut during his actual birthday and the days preceding it.

We discussed with his teacher and thought we would postpone it by just 2 days, but then he was so unfortunate to have an ulcer/ sore in his mouth on that day. And because it was such a sensitive issue at the school now, even though they brought him to a doctor and the doctor said it was unlikely he had HFMD (no lesions on hands, feet, tongue, no fever, nothing), as a precautionary measure (he quoted MCYS so that we would be quiet and not contradict him) we have to keep him at home for that day, plus 2 more days!!!

In total, plus the days the school was shut, he would be away from school for 2 weeks. Wah... The teacher was very nice though. She sms me everyday, and also sends me email update on what lesson plans were supposed to be carried out. The principal and her also called me to thank us for our understanding. According to the teacher, we were mild parents already. Some were hopping mad. Sigh, I don't like this, but what can we do?

How to ask for refunds when the teachers and staff still have to be paid?

Anyway, so with ds1 ill too, I have 3 kids with me at home everyday even though the school hols are over.

ds2 busy packing his friends' bags.

14 Mar

Dd's 2nd Sunday at church service.
This time she was awake for a while and was pretty alert and happy.

Laughing and smiling at times when my sis or others talk to her. In this case, my sister held up a toy and shook it, while calling her name.

My mom also claims that dd can communicate with her already. Whenever my mom carries her and walks around while telling her about the things around her, she will coo and "ahh", "ooh" in response. So my mom is very pleased with herself about that.

She does seem more responsive to language at this stage than her brothers. I think that is a girl thing. :-)

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