Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ;
9:03 PM
Kind of backdated for my blog cos there was the school hols, then ds2's school had HFMD outbreak and the school was closed. Then ds1 got really sick, which spread to ds2.. It was a nasty cold bug, not HFMD though.

The school even let a doc call me to tell me he learnt that I have a newborn at home (ds2 told everyone in school he has a baby sis), and that for newborns, they may not have ulcers. If I detect just a fever, I need to rush her into KKH's A&E at once cos the virus may attack the brain very rapidly. The boys kiss, hug and touch her all day and even sleep with her... so it's scary to think she might get infected. Must pray hard.

7 Feb

Dd's 1st trip to the church building, and 1st time in her Sunday school.

The cradle roll teacher, who is also her ganma, carried her for a pic with L.

Before heading out, doing funny gestures..

We arranged for 2 companies to send stuff this time. Tried out Melrose Cake House for the individual boxes of tarts, ang ku kueh, red eggs and glutinous rice. And tried Pat's Pastries for the Party Packs for the big group celebration.

I would say Pat's Pastries were much nicer. I love the apple crumble and the fruit tarts. The boys loved the brownies and chocolate eclairs. My sis liked the savoury stuff like the samosa and mini chicken pie. So everyone was happy. I think Dh was so busy giving out the individual boxes before the church members left that he didn't get to eat any. Poor guy, next time I must remember to save him some, even if he doesn't care for it. (He said he doesn't mind)

The girl slept through the Sunday school class, such disrespect for her teacher. haha.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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