Monday, February 1, 2010 ;
10:44 PM
Quick update on what happened before the birth since I had already uploaded these photos:

1. My sis and I and our kids have been spending quite a lot of time together since she is also a SAHM.

One day after picking ds1 up from his school bus stop, we walked to JP together with Eva and Elias in the double stroller for lunch and then quickly walked back to pick ds2 up in the afternoon.

Because I bought this Graco stroller from the USA (cheap sale there) some yrs back, it is huge compared to the Japanese double strollers found here.

When my sis went to the toilet, I was pushing the double stroller with Eva, Elias and ds1 standing perched on the stroller's underbar.

I received a lot of stares from people within Jurong Point. They would look at Eva, then the sleeping baby (Elias), then ds1 and then at my tummy. If ds2 were there too, it would be hilarious.

I wonder what's racing through their minds, because they were obviously staring as I walked by. And I know they cannot believe their eyes, since there are so many kids, plus my heavily pregnant belly, and then they must be wondering, why my "kids" look so different from each other.

On the way back, my sis was lagging behind as she went to Popular to buy something for me, and we walked back first. I suddenly had a BH contraction, and got ds1 to take over pushing the stroller for me.

2. More baking. I had the urge to bake even more stuff. Baked some cheese rolls. Turns out this would be my last batch of baking before the birth.

3. Turns out this was the last family outing we did as a family of 4. We went to Jurong Central Park with ds1's new bike. We bought it for him for his birthday. It was very cheap cos we bought it at a mama shop in Jurong West extension and is a bit more ah pek style (with basket and back passenger attachment) than the cool ones like the Hot Wheels one he used to have.

But he is that kind of boy who doesn't care about looks I think. He still happily rode it, as long as it can ride!

I think he feels more grown up, having graduated to the 18" size.

4. Dh was napping on the sofa. Ds2 had some stickers to play with. He decided daddy's legs and hands would be best for him to display his stickers. So he happily and innocently pasted stickers all over.

He didn't know why daddy got so angry when daddy rose from his sleep. He honestly thought it was beautiful.

5. 31 Jan Sun 2pm

ds2's classmate had her 5th bday party at Safra club's Kids Amaze (the largest indoor playground in Sg). Both ds2 and ds1 were invited.

I was curious actually, cos I'd never gotten to know his classmates but he often mentions their names at home and this girl's name featured prominently in his conversations. Also, in the comm book, his teacher mentioned he likes to hold hands with her in school and they would sit together for activities and classes.

But then I was having those bad cramp-like false labour pains again that day, so Dh brought both boys, and good thing he did!

Coincidence of coincidences! How small Sg is!

The mom of this girl, R, got a shock when she saw Dh. Turns out they were JC classmates! Yep, not even schoolmates or CCA mates, but actual classmates, for 2 yrs and not just acquaintances too! Dh and her were rather good friends and had once gone swimming together every other day in JC and had gone out for meals and such. They were never more than friends though, in case you are wondering, haha, cos Dh was bent on chasing this other girl in his CCA, and his whole class knew.

In fact, the first thing R's mom said to Dh after they started catching up, was that she just recently bumped into X, the girl Dh was chasing throughout his JC days. Haha. (Dh didn't manage to win her heart then, btw.)

Anyway this is the sweet pic they took together.

ds2 doesn't look like he's the same age as his classmates. Somehow the rest of his friends look older than him as well. Maybe he has been the baby of the family for so long, he has stuck behaving like a baby. Well, things will soon change now.

They had a great time playing in the indoor playground, even ds1, who was older than the rest.
Good, cos I'd been wanting to bring them there but hadn't had the chance to.

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