Saturday, February 6, 2010 ;
11:18 PM
ds1's birthday falls on 2 Feb.

We thought our baby girl will come before that since there were many early contractions.

So we didn't plan for a formal birthday party for him in case we couldn't make it.

His request this year was simple. He wanted more Megabloks blocks. Just the simple additional blocks, no fancy sets. He just wanted to build his own stuff. We thought that is useful for either ds2 or dd as well, in future, so when others asked us what he wanted, we would tell them Megabloks as well.

He had his first set when he was 2. A church friend gave it to him. So it is the 2+ size set. Hence any additional blocks he had after that were bought to match that 1st set.

Here are just some things the 2 brothers make to play with each other. They also make up fighting games with the blocks itself. This particular 2 ships were constructed by ds2.

So ds1 received 2 more sets of Megabloks from 2 other church friends this year, he was overjoyed!

This is the banana cake I made for his church Sunday school class celebration. He decorated it with cheese slices himself.

Angeling helped me coordinate it (thank you so much!) because the night before and that morning, I had very intense contractions that came so frequently, I thought I was in early labour already. So I didn't go for services that day.

They sent me photos and it seemed they all enjoyed themselves.

ds1 cutting his cake and distributing it in the Sunday school class.

He and his class teacher and friends.

Then my mil requested that I make a banana cake for ds1's birthday celebration at her home during the family clan weekly dinner as well, cos she and my fil like the banana cakes I make (can be adjusted to be less sweet than those sold outside).

This time, ds1 used the gummy worms to decorate it.

He and his cousins at mil's place.

I guess each year, many Singaporean kids go through several bday celebrations too. One with the mom's side extended family, one with the dad's, one in school, one at church... whatever....

As they grow older, these will soon cease so it's nice to let them have such memories during their childhood, I guess.

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