Monday, February 8, 2010 ;
10:59 AM
4 Feb

In the morning, just before being discharged, my doula and her partner (who was also present and a great help at dd's birth) came to visit me and also conduct the final postnatal session.

I think this pic is very nice because everyone is so happy. It is a very happy birth and it is a very happy occasion (getting to leave the hospital to go home!). (I was still lying down cos my tailbone was so painful.)

Little E was very content, she slept through her diaper change and change of clothes into her own, and was swaddled up in the same wrap that both her brothers were wrapped in before. My mom bought this cloth, and sewed the wrap for ds1 7 years ago and when ds2 came along, he used it too. Finally a girl gets to use it. I always thought it was more feminine, but I let both ds use it anyway. Maybe my mom kind of foresaw a girl will come along the way...

She did open her eyes (you know how newborns are? they open their eyes sometimes in their sleep to peek around then continue sleeping?), and I quickly snapped this pic. Either the flash made her blink or she was very suspicious and worried to be on her way home. She had a big frown on her face for sure.

Then she slept all the way home. So nice. I grimaced all the way home cos there were so many humps and bumps on the road again and my poor tailbone will give me a jolt of pain each time the car goes over a hump.

Back at home, my mom had cooked lunch already and was waiting for us. While Dh and I had lunch, the waipo (maternal grandma) had a good look at dd and dd seemed to be scanning her waipo's face intently.

Back at home, dd seemed to adjust quickly. She likes to look around all the time, and seems to be taking in all the features of her new home.

She likes to keep sticking out her tongues, licking her lips and sucking her fingers and knuckles loudly when she is hungry and wants to nurse. Dh caught her in this while she stuck her tongue out.

Dh and his little princess. He was playing some Mozart piece on the CD player and then having some bonding time with his girl.

Then the big brothers also. They really love and adore her very much. When they come home from school, the first thing they want to do and kiss her. I have to remind them to wash their hands first. ds2 especially likes to carry her and I make him sit on the sofa to do it. He'll sit on the rocker recliner and rock while carrying her and even rocked her to sleep once!

This age gap, which I thought was too big, seems good now, because they are big enough to help me and big enough not to experience sibling rivalry? I still remember the tantrums ds1 had when ds2 was born. On one hand he was in his terrible twos stage, and on the other hand, he couldn't understand why ds2 had to take up so much of mommy's time.

Now, when I need to nurse dd, and cannot help the boys with anything, or need to rush to do something for dd, the boys understand totally and would not mind. Such a relief for me.

Grandpa also wants some bonding time.

ds2 being proud to be 二哥。(2nd oldest brother)

The 3 of them. Sometimes the 2 of them fight over her and I even have to say 5 min each, and then switch sides. Cos they'll even fight over who gets to carry the head part. Both of them will want to carry her together but they feel carrying the head part is better than the legs part, so I even have to help them change sides after 5 min. Grrrr.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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