Saturday, February 27, 2010 ;
12:42 PM
26 Feb

Dh took the morning off to attend ds2's performance in school. They had CNY celebrations to mark the end of CNY, and each class would put up a short performance.

It was fun watching all the cute little ones (3 year olds) perform dragon and lion dance, then the 4 yr olds acting out a skit on how the monster Nian was chased away.

This pic shows the 3yr old class.

The lil ones went first, and the kindy kids were getting ready. I spotted ds2! They're at the age where they're still very proud of their parents. The moment he saw me, he announced to all his friends and teachers, "There's my mommy!" "My mommy is behind, there!" "Look, look, my mommy is here!"

It felt nice to be so welcome. :-)

ds2's class did a dance. He loved the dance and the music a lot and has been humming it at home for a week already. The movie clip is on FB. His Chinese has improved a lot since being at school here. His Chinese teacher is really wonderful, so glad that he is enjoying himself there.

He is not only writing much better (eg he writes his name much better than when I taught him last time), his reading and character recognition has improved and even his pronunciation of words is so much clearer and accurate now. Previously he spoke Mandarin like a Caucasian and it was very embarrassing for me.

After his performance, he came over to kiss and greet his sister, and we took a pic together.
(Ooh, Dh's JC classmate was there too, and her mom - the grandma of ds2's classmate- scolded me and Dh for bringing dd out when it's not a full month yet. Oops!)

[dd's being directly breastfed on demand, so I don't know when she will need her feed, thus I have to bring her. In any case, I don't have a helper at home. I could ask my mom but why stress my mom and myself out in case she wanted her feed while I was away? I lost all my Avent milk bottles already - it's been 7 yrs already, or maybe they're with my sis, so I don't feel like expressing milk, too troublesome.]

Actually I wanted to go for lunch at Jurong Point with Dh after the performance but my mom said I should go straight home and get Dh to buy back. Which we did. Otherwise, if dd falls sick, all the moms and older generation will point the finger at us, the errant and irresponsible parents, who brought their baby out before she turned a month old.

My mom even reminded me that in the Old Testament, those who gave birth to girls have to stay home 60 days even. Yup, I remember that. I wonder why the difference between birthing boys (30 days) and girls huh?

After lunch, I went to Jurong Point with ds1 (he was home from school by then) to deposit his ang pow (hongbao) money into his bank account and did so for dd and ds2 at the same time. Then I got myself a pair of pants from Giordano, cos I cannot fit into many of my current pants yet.

Felt a bit of a heartache when I paid $49 for the pants, since they had a promotion where if you bought 2 pairs, then each pair is $33. But I figured, I would lose my weight gradually and I don't need 2 pairs of size 29 pants. Yet, I didn't want to buy more 26 or 27s, since I had tons of them at home (bought them after 2nd pregnancy- with each pregnancy, I've to increase a size or two- another reason to stop having kids). Still, I felt like I was stupid to pay $49 instead of $33, such a big difference. Sigh, these promotions always create dilemmas for me. I had to stand there and debate within myself for so long.

When we got back, ds2 was home from school. He was very happy. Some of his friends left school early at 11.30am in the morning when their parents were in school for the concert. Many of the kids cried when their parents had to leave after the concert, so the parents just brought them home. Some parents had to go back to work and couldn't take the kids home early, so the kids cried even more. ds2 was totally unaffected and just said bye to us when we were leaving, so we didn't take him home early, even though we could.

(For me, Dh was going back to work in the afternoon, so I saw no need to bring ds2 home so early. Let him be more occupied and tired out in school first... hee... so bad.)

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