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11 Feb

ds2's trs brought their K1 and K2 class to Chinatown for a field trip just before CNY started.

There were several objectives, according to the parents' letter. They had been studying CNY and its related topics for the month, and were going to Chinatown to see and experience certain things they had studied about.

They were also going to buy CNY decorations to help decorate their own homes for CNY. Parents are to give their child $4 to spend during the trip where they will plan, budget, browse and choose their items, pay for them, and bring them home to tell us about it and put them up.

I didn't go on the trip of course, since dd was just 1 week old. The tr passed me the pictures and also wrote in the comm book about ds2's experience.

She remarked that ds2 seemed really interested in everything that he saw, stopping at almost every stall's display to view the items intently, whereas his other friends were complaining about the heat (it was very crowded and hot that day, the tr said). She asked if it was because he hasn't been there for some time.

I had to laugh and say, he has never been there cos we'd never brought him! He was 1+ when we left Sg for USA, and then to China. We only came back in Sept 2009, and we didn't bring him since we were back, so naturally he has never set foot there. The tr said no wonder he was so intrigued by everything.

Here, the Chinese teacher must be explaining what some of the sayings meant. ds2 did not buy those calligraphy things, he brought home a windmill, and 2 3D Tiger paper decorations for me to stick on the glass.

A group pic of the kindy kids and their trs.

That's ds2 and his friend playing with the windmills they just purchased. The windmills had bells and will ring and make noise when the wind blows. To scare away Nian the monster?

The tr was petting his head? or shielding him from the blazing sun?
Whatever it is, ds2 is already very in love with his trs. He always tells me "Ms M says" this and that at home. Eg, mom, don't throw this sweet wrapper away! Ms M says we need to reduce, reuse, recycle..
Sweet wrapper? err, ok...

The trs bought and distributed guazi and CNY candies/ snacks to the kids as well, which they happily brought home and devoured.

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