Saturday, January 2, 2010 ;
1:36 PM
How did we spend the last part of December?

1. Moving, unpacking and decorating our new place.

Finally I can put up this beautiful painting done by PVW. He painted my boys even before we returned from Tianjin, from a photo. I consider it amazing to be able to paint people even without seeing them.

I think ds2's portrait really looks like him.

2. 24 Dec
Xmas eve was spent at my obgyn's office for a prenatal check up. Cos he was going on vacation after that till somewhere in Jan. He needs to see me otherwise I'd be in my 9th month of pregnancy when he returns.

Had lunch at Ion Orchard food court again (beef noodles!) so I can collect something from Muji. I bought a clothes stand from them. Their service is really wonderful. I think I will be their faithful and loyal customer because of their excellent service.

My clothes stand fell after we assembled it cos the wind was too strong. One of the pegs split apart and it was major heartache cos I just bought it and it was so beautiful. I love the wood. Dh consoled me by saying maybe he can whittle down one of his wood samples to make a new peg. But then the violin bow wood is different, it'll not match.

So I called them up. I didn't even need to explain how the peg split, no Qs asked. They said no problem, I can exchange the peg for a new one. They let me choose the outlet to bring my spoilt peg to exchange, and the date and time. I bought it from the Marina Sq branch and I said I wanted to collect from Ion Orchard. No problem, they called Ion to arrange it.

They then called back and said, if it is troublesome for me to bring the item back, no worries, just the receipt will do. That is really nice, even though they didn't know I was pregnant. Anyway, just a small peg. No worries.

So when I went down, straightway they went to get a brand new box with the entire clothes stand. They had to slit open the new box and retrieve just one peg for me. I think that's very nice of them. They'll have to go through the trouble of re-ordering new parts and in the meantime, they cannot sell that particular box. Customer first indeed. (and it wasn't even their fault that the peg split)

3. 25 Dec

Christmas day. We reached Ikea Alexandra at 9.30am to meet Mary and Edwina and kids for a breakfast/ brunch. Mainly to catch up since it has been like 8 yrs since I last saw Edwina.

Our kids played together in the playroom, while we chatted. The hubbies (Mary's and mine, Ed's didn't go, he was minding her ds2 at home. She only brought ds1) went browsing together.

It was lovely.

We bought a couple of things for the home and Dh left for work. Yes, when you work for yourself, and you love what you do so much, you'd want to work even on Xmas Day.

4. 26 Dec
Danny and Jessica had their housewarming. We went from 11am till about 2pm. They catered lunch. They have a lovely study room. The kitchen was similar in colour scheme as ours. They have a neat clothes hanging thing. Very nifty.

Met many LAP members, and enjoyed seeing all the old faces again, and the kids all grown. Got to view their wedding video and pictures too, since we missed their wedding while we were in Tianjin.

5. 28 Dec.
We were a little desperate. Cos ds1 has a school already and we started preparing his school bus, school shoes, socks, water bottle etc. ds2 kept asking "What about me?"
He dearly dearly missed school, his Ms Bridget and Ms Maureen and his friends. He kept mentioning Nursery class and the activities he did.

I called all those preschools he was on waitlist. I emailed the South West CDC, I contemplated going for the Meet the People session (by MP of my region) since it was nearby. I emailed PCF main webpage also.

I must say, the main email person always replies very quickly saying they are acting on my email and they have referred it to such and such a person who will get back to me. But then, after that it is a long wait.

Finally, when they call, they just tell me there is no vacancy. And there is nothing they can do. They didn't want to take my phone no. down and they were unwilling to put me on a wait list. Apparently there is no wait list.

I said ok, I can try again during the Open Registration in May 2010, and register ds2 for K2 in 2011 directly. No, was their reply. "Usually we reserved all the spaces for our K1 kids who will be promoted to K2 in 2011".

Fine, that gives returning Singaporeans no chance at all to support their govt/ public kindergartens.

Ok, I called SAFRA club's Little Skoolhouse. Much nicer attitude, told me I was no. 12 on the waitlist since I filled in the registration form in Oct. I asked how long would the wait be, they were honest to say they have no idea because it depends on parents who withdraw the existing kids. That was logical, I can understand. Ok, I will wait. At least there is a system. At least they are polite.

The PCF lady was sarcastic and impatient. I lived right there in that block. I heard there are parents travelling even from Chua Chu Kang to put their kids in that PCF kindy. There is no distance factor? Can't they open another class if there is huge demand for that kindy?

Ok nevermind, have to widen my search. The rest of the kindies in Jurong West are all full also. No point being on more waitlists. There was one with vacancy though. Not too far from my place, but ds2 will need to be on a schoolbus. Not a problem. PCf doesn't have schoolbus, at least this does.

Only catch, it is expensive. Hmm, to put him through 2 years of this would wipe out his CDA account. True, half of the money was given to us by the govt, that's really nice. But should we wipe out his CDA so quickly??

Dh reminded us that we have the 3rd baby's CDA. And 3rd bb's CDA is much higher in amount than ds2's. If in case ds1 or ds2 need the money in future, they can always take from dd's CDA. Hmm, ok... Siblings should share, huh? And mil stepped in timely to say she will give a huge ang pow this CNY to us. Help us out a bit.

Ok, take it as grandma-sponsored as well.
So I went to visit this preschool and ds2 approved of it. We signed up. But I had no money for the registration fee, and no cheque book. haha. So I went back the next day to complete registration. I think very few parents register their kids just a few days before school is due to start!

ds2 was overjoyed that now he gets to go to school together with ds1. I know he would surely cry and mope at home the whole day if ds1 goes on 4th Jan and he is at home with me. So both Dh and I were glad for this opportunity to be able to get him into a school at the last minute.

6. 29 Dec

Xizzy initiated a meet-up and I was glad she did, because I don't think I'd be free to meet up much when school reopened and it was good to see her and Law again.

Xizzy's back from Germany till Feb and she was willing to travel to Jurong Point for an early lunch. Really nice. We had Japanese teppanyaki. Law treated cos he recently inherited a windfall. haha.

So I said I'd treat dessert. Well, they must be thinking I am very poor and being very nice, they suggested McDonalds. So 3 of us shared this:

Seriously, you know. But we added more fudge. See the amount of fudge? So funny, I never saw so much before. It costs 70cents extra! It's artery-clogging man!

Then we popped over to my new place for drinks and a look-around. Law used his i-Phone (show off lah) GPS to find my place, yes, from Jurong Point car park. Walking would take faster maybe.

Then after they left, I had a prenatal with my doula at home, and then I went to get my kids back from my mom who kindly babysat them. Then my JC best friend cum financial analyst met me at home in the evening to update my portfolio. A whole day of meetings indeed.

7. 30 Dec

Busy busy end of Dec.
Went to pick mom up and we drove to Phoon Huat. The Jurong East branch had closed down since I left for Tianjin, so now we have to go to Clementi. After buying essentials for baking (since my mixer is being delivered this very day!), and getting some invaluable advice from my mom, we ate a yummy lunch at the Clementi hawker center. I always like the food at that particular FC. Thanks Linda for giving me sms directions!

This week, I was due to teach both Wed night Bible class and Sunday school (3 lessons back to back). I must say teaching young kids with a big belly is rather inconvenient. I sit on a low chair to be at their height.

Teaching young kids involve a lot of action songs, a lot of animation, and craft work. So I have to lean forward a lot and it's very tiring. Somehow my back ache is pretty bad this pregnancy.

Very glad this is the last lesson. This pic shows ds2 with his craft work and his friend, who made 2 animal puppets. This particular Bible class is conducted in Chinese, so ds2 is very quiet cos he doesn't have enough vocab to talk much. haha. He only came alive during craft time.

8. 31 Dec
YF big bash, countdown
9am on 31st till 9am on 1st.

Dh conducted a singing workshop for them in the day. We didn't go. I don't think I'd be able to last so long.

Dh returned in the afternoon and after the kids' nap, we set off for the church building at 6.30pm for the BBQ.

Besides the usual BBQ fare, a lot of the moms prepared their own food and contributed too, so we got really stuffed.

Then the boys played Magic Cards with some of the youth. So I got the chance to chat with many different people. Yay.

After that there was a short lesson and singing, then the countdown began. There was more rousing singing right after the stroke of midnight.

Then the kids and I left for home, and Dh returned to have a late or rather early 2010 dawn supper with the church friends and then played Big Taboo with them till 4am. I know cos when he returned home, I woke up. I don't sleep very well in my last trimester anyway.

9. 1 Jan 2010

We still woke early and did some unpacking (still have many boxes from Tianjin unpacked). Then for lunch, we had a New Year's Lunch with my extended clan (my parents, sis' family, our family). At Jack's Place.

For dinner, we had it with Dh's side of the family. At mil's house.

10. 2 Jan
My curtains finally arrived! I am so happy for the additional privacy, the blackout effect making a hot afternoon a dark and cool "night" and just the beautiful fabric...

I promise photos soon.

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