Wednesday, January 20, 2010 ;
9:22 PM
The kids caught a mild cold this past week. They resumed swim class, and they started school, and ds2 started having no naps...
I am not sure if they caught a cold due to being too cold at the swim class, or whether it is cos they were suddenly exposed to many other kids in school, or adjusting to a new and more tiring schedule... Whatever it is, it is adjustment time, so they got sick.... Sore throat, sniffling and a cough that occurs only at night.

However, they love school so much that they insist on going to school still, and since they don't have a fever and the only symptom they have in the morning is a sniffle, I let them go. But I cancelled their swim class last week and this week cos that, I figured, could aggravate the sniffles.

8 Jan

While the kids were in school, I managed to meet up with 2 Sec school classmates whom I haven't seen for about 15 years! Seriously!

They were back from the USA for the seasonal hols and we had recently gotten in touch again via FB. They were willing to travel to Jurong Point and so I waddled over to lunch with them at Crystal Jade (they said, no western food for them, cos they've been living in the USA for about 8-10 years).

We had a great time catching up. We started from after JC, cos I only know they went to RJC and then after that to Uni/ college in the USA and then we lost contact. One of them is in New York now, while the other is based in Silicon Valley.

They haven't changed much despite the long stay abroad. They were in fact trying to use their Mandarin as much as possible so they won't lose touch with it. They still speak fine, I feel, after all, we were from a SAP school that was steeped in the Chinese culture.

They were so hungry for Asian cuisine, it was funny. After Crystal Jade, I had to leave to pick ds1 up but they went for more prata, at Prata Wala within Jurong Point!

Singaporeans are all the same. No matter how long we have been abroad, the one thing we miss besides family and friends would be the food.

10 Jan

Celebrated the kids' cousin's bday at his house. Dh's brother's son. None of the pics came out proper, cos half of the kids were focussed on the computer game they were playing just before the cake cutting began. So every pic had at least one kid turning back to view the game in progress. Sigh.

The 1st weekend after a week of school, I showed ds1 the steps in washing his shoes. Including how much laundry detergent to use and how to brush the shoes properly inside and out.

This is the 2nd weekend, where he washed his school shoes all by himself. Showed him how to bring them outside to sun dry as well. I have this compelling need to train both boys how to do as many things by themselves as possible before I birth the baby and before Dh leaves us for France.

11 Jan

I was dead tired in the evening when Dh came home. I was rushing to finish dinner, and go for the free baking class Mayer offered at JP. I signed up to learn how to make almond cookies and pineapple rolls (CNY coming).

In the end, I decided it was not worth having an early labour in exchange for the baking class (cos I was having intense Braxton Hicks contractions by the time Dh was back, due to a lot of labour intensive work I undertook earlier in the day). But then I felt it was a waste to forego the class. Guess what? I pleaded with Dh to go on my behalf.

He baulked at the idea at first. He said surely the rest would be women. I said that's fine right? Show them you can bake as well as them! I talked and persuaded and convinced and begged. He finally agreed, after having a good dinner served to him... Phew...

He came back incredulous and related many hilarious stories about all the other 14 aunties in the same class as him. I laughed my head off. I was very glad he went. He didn't mind, but I know it would be hard getting him to do it again. haha.

Saturday mornings and evenings

We usually let the boys out for a run or some energy-releasing event.

One Sat, Dh brought them out kite-flying, just across our apt at the Jurong Central Park. Then this pic was another Sat where ds1 and Dh were roller blading, ds2 was cycling and I was toting the bag with water bottle, cell phone, tissue... yup, and walking behind them.

15 Jan
My previous obgyn appt. Doc says baby's head is 2/5 within the pelvis already. No wonder I feel so much pressure below, like baby's head would pop out anytime. She's supposedly 2.5kg now. But it's just an estimate. ds1 was that weight at birth (38th week) and ds2 was 2.68kg at birth (also 38th week). So this time, dd (dear darling daughter) would not be expected to be much bigger too, definitely no where near 3kg or more. :-)

16 Jan
My last doula prenatal. She brought another doula-in-training to introduce to us and asked if she can be present at my birth as well. We had no objections, one more person means more help to take pics and videos, then Dh can be fully at my side. haha.

Ok, now, it's just the wait... How much longer??

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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