Sunday, January 24, 2010 ;
2:31 PM
There is a 45min break between ds1's and ds2's school bus pick up in the morning. Since we subscribe to the Straits Times, I usually drink my morning cuppa hot beverage while reading the papers and waiting for ds2's turn to go to school.

He usually plays with his Lego while I read the papers. Now he likes to "follow" me and read the papers. But you know how the papers are structured right? Kids his age have difficulty turning the pages and the papers keep getting out of hand or dropping off his lap. He got pretty frustrated reading it after a while. Anyway, it seems he was busy reading the classified ads that day when I snapped this pic, haha.

Another random pic. I happened to change into this green polo tee and white tights that day to pick ds1 up from the school bus stop. After that, we walked to Jurong Point to get some stuff and meet with my sis and nephew/ niece, and walked back just in time to pick ds2 up. Then I realised that we happened to all in be in a green and white ensemble. So funny.

So my sis took a pic of the 3 of us, the gang in green and white.

I remember seeing a lot of car lifts/ elevators in land-scarce Kyoto city center. However, I hadn't actually used one in Sg yet. The other day, Dh and I went to the hospital that I was going to deliver in to complete the pre-admission registration procedures and encountered this in the multi-storey carpark. Quite amusing.

It's a much older system than the one I saw at Takashimaya in Kyoto though.

The carpark here at this Sg's private hospital is quite cramped and crowded. Dh and I miss KKH's easy parking and big spacious hospital. We also enjoyed the Private Suite service at KKH with both ds, and loved shopping at the Mothercare and other shops whenever we went for antenatal appts.

This time, because I am going to attempt VBA2C again, and KKH is not supportive of that, I changed obgyn and hospital. But we actually feel the standard of Sg's government or public restructured hospitals to be very good and it does not lose to any of the private hospitals. Only some of the policies tend to be more conservative, like the refusal to do VBA2C.

Playing with the steamer again.

Have tried using steamer to heat up edamame beans (those Japanese soy beans), and also find cooking and baking hard work nowadays. So my mom kindly buys the veg and fish for me, and prepares them nicely for me. I just have to assemble, and steam. (Moms are always great women.)

So we still get to have home cooked meals everyday. My mom doesn't eat with us, she may at most take some food back to share with my dad. So Dh and I will share in the cleaning up work after dinner. And I have so far not been too overworked. The Braxton-Hicks contractions have thus died down in intensity.

But I realise if I walk long distances and stand for a long time, like the other day, I walked long distances and still attempted to buy a lot of stuff at NTUC, including a 5kg sack of rice, I suddenly had bad leg cramps, in one foot then the other as well! It was such agony.

Fortunately I was with my sis and I sat down until it subsided then quickly went home. I cannot afford to go out alone too far and attempt strenuous things now, I think!

(This pic shows the silver pomfret. Very very delicious and sweet and fresh. Our whole family loves it. Before steaming. And oh yes, Phebe, if you are reading this, thanks for your Ikea glass plates, they fit well in the steamer and stood the steaming test well.)

So I put the fish at the bottom cos it will take the longest, and I put my other veg dishes in the 2nd and top tier, and steam. This pic below shows the veggie in the top tier. And this is the Tefal steamer I was talking about!

Very worth it, cos it functions as my "microwave oven" as well but it is so much cheaper!

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