Wednesday, January 20, 2010 ;
12:40 PM
A friend's been asking me to post photos of how my apt looks like now that we've moved in.

Try as I might, I cannot find a neat spot to take photos. Why? When we moved in, the reno was not completely done. Now that it is completed, we have been bringing back box after box of stuff from my in law's place back to ours. We go to my in laws at least once a week, sometimes more, for them to play with the grandkids and for the whole clan's dinner. Everytime we return, we have to load up the whole car with boxes, clothes, books, small furniture to bring home.

Naturally, everytime we reach our own place, we have to dump those boxes from USA and Tianjin, unpacked, around the living room, study room, bedroom and in the bomb shelter/ store room, since it would be late at night. Then I would slowly unpack them as the week goes by.

Well, it has been unrealistic to expect me to unpack them in time within a week before the next "shipment" arrives, so there are more and more boxes lying around in our house.

Furthermore, I have been trying to get baby's stuff ready. My sis passed me all of my niece's clothes and stuff so I haven't had to buy anything at all. Bath tub, crib, toys, car seat -- I had passed all of these to her before we left for Utah and I merely had to get them back.

Now that the birth is imminent, I need to be practical and realistic and realise that my initial plan of sorting and unpacking everything before baby comes is impossible. After baby comes, my place might look even messier. So I better just take some photos to show everyone before the situation is worse. :-) Note: there are very few "ground level" pics cos of the mess on the floor, hee.

This is one of the lights in our living room. Both are the same. Then you get a view of the curtains too. As for the window grills, they are a necessary evil cos of the kids. Must be safe rather than sorry. We are on one of the top floors!

We call the lights our "cow lamps" cos Dh feels they look like the cow skin. Since we have a very "nature and garden" theme and colour scheme, it fits in well.

This is the MBR's curtains. Our feature wall's colour is olive green or seaweed colour according to the Dulux Odourless paint swatch, so we really like these curtains as they match well.

This is the kids' room with the wall decal pasted. (My sis helped me to take these pics. We were being a little silly, and I just posed for fun.)

Just this wall decal alone was a prolonged joke. I started pasting from the bottom, and then had to stop cos of some reason (mundane things like the washine machine was done so I had to get the laundry first) and then I continued another day, and then was interrupted by the kids and so on. I think I took 2 weeks to complete it! You can have a glimpse of the curtains I chose for the kids' room as well. Their room is in green and yellow, so the curtains are multi-coloured stripes with green and yellow components.

It's the blackout kind of curtain so when it is hot and blazing outside in the afternoon, and the curtains are drawn shut, the room is very dark. Thus I can successfully recreate a night-time atmosphere for the kids to nap.

This is the wall on the bunk bed side of the room. There were some flowers and a cat sticker that came with the wall decal, and I didn't want too many flowers on the tree, so I put this there. It reminded the kids of their pet kitten they had in Tianjin, so it comforts them and makes them happy to have "Furry" sleep with them each night on the same bed.

This pic is a view of the living room from the doorway near the shoe cabinet. I'm standing in front of a mirror that we've been wanting to return my parents (it's theirs) but have no chance yet since it cannot fit into a normal sedan car. You can see Dh occupied with either the newspapers or internet-surfing hence I have to take the pic myself.

Not sure if you can spot the white TV console, the silvermink wall colour and part of the study room through the glass panel. We installed roller blinds for the glass panel so when anyone sleeps over and uses the study room, they can have privacy by lowering the blinds. It is the blackout kind as well.

This is the lamp the kids chose themselves, from Ikea. They like the "clouds in the sky" feeling. It's in their bedroom. Due to our apt being small and not having high ceilings, we stuck to ceiling lights instead of the popular, fashionable pendant lamps. We also tried to keep all our lamps small so the room wouldn't be overwhlemed by the lights.

I do have a very satisfying kitchen with tempered glass splashback at the sink, stainless steel splashback at the stove, a great fume hood and hob, a wonderful Kitchenaid mixer, oven, and other appliances. I also love the cabinet system with the Blum drawers and organizers within the drawers to store things more effectively. However, I cannot take pics of the kitchen.

It is something I use too frequently and is in a great horrible mess now. Not the dirty grimy kind of mess... It's just lots of plates, pots, and baking stuff lying around that I haven't decided where to keep yet!! Cos right now, if I keep them into the cabinets, out of sight, I will take a long time to get used to where I keep my rock sugar, black pepper, oats, flour, you know what I mean?

When I birth and my mom and mom in law take turns coming over to visit me and help me with baby, I think they will have a lot to say, or they might just faint. I better start work on the kitchen real soon. (And hide all the junk food as well, cos my mom will nag me non stop on why I shouldn't eat those unhealthy stuff.) :-)

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