Tuesday, January 5, 2010 ;
9:14 PM
ds2 has very different character and personality as ds1, so as parents, we have different worries and concerns for each of them.

ds2 never had any problems with changing schools, friends and situations. He had always looked forward to the start of school and he never cried at separations when going to school for the first time, even when the place and everything is new.

ds1 doesn't like change that much. He resists transitions and he liked getting used to and being familiar with something before he will like it. But with age and maturity, he has embraced school with a lot of excitement and eagerness as well.

ds2 may not seem extroverted like ds1 as in he doesn't talk so much, yet he's actually very sociable. I wonder if that's contradictory. But Mary mentioned the other day that someone who talks a lot and seems extroverted may actually be an introvert. People who don't talk that much may actually be very sociable. Does that make sense to you? It seems to be like that for our ds.

Anyway, so ds2 was wanting to go to school since forever, and after ds1 left for school, ds2 kept asking about him. Everything ds1 did, he would ask "what about me?". Everything down to having a watch, pencil box... For several things, we had to explain that Pr sch and preschool is different. For example, ds2's food is taken care of, but ds1 has to buy his own food. Hence ds1 will have pocket money while he doesn't need any. Stuff like that.

But he got his watch... He's been announcing the time to me every 5 min for the past few days and showing it off to everyone in church. He has already fell down because he was busy looking at his watch while walking (and tripped, of course).

This pic was taken when we were waiting for his school bus. His school doesn't need a uniform, which is a relief to us because we have heard how expensive some preschool uniforms are, and we can save so much by having ds2 wear his own clothes. Also, he'd feel more comfy in his own clothes, I think.

His school bus turned out to be a van. Small ratio of kids to adults. Good. It's much faster than the big bus ds1 takes too. Again, he went up so quickly that I could only get his school bag!

We followed him to school in the car. Saw him, even though as the only new student, behave as if he had been attending school there forever. He took off his sandals, placed it on his name card, took off his bag, placed in his named cubby hole, and took out his water bottle and placed it where the rest of the kids placed their water bottles.

ds1, with all his intelligence in certain specific areas, is actually very blur in a bigger environment. Often in his own world, he will let teachers' instructions float past his head, and many times, all his classmates would hear something and follow the instructions while he is still stoning away, in his dreamy state.

ds2 seems to watch and observe people around him all the time. And he follows them.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages of course.

But in this case of the 1st day of school, I think I actually worry more about ds1 than ds2.

So after peeking into his classroom and meeting his teacher for the first time, I saw that he was happy, and at once playing with friends. Hence, Dh and I left the school. ds2 didn't even look at us to say goodbye! He was so engrossed.

The principal told me he is the only new student because the rest have been with the school since nursery. It's true that the rest seemed very comfortable and friendly with each other, cos when we arrived, the rest are already playing together.

After we left, I had contemplated returning at 12pm during lunch time cos ds2 tended to be picky with food but I called the school at 12.30pm and they said he finished lunch happily and seemed to be having a lot of fun, so I didn't bother going to the school at all.

When he grows up, I wonder if he will say "mom, why are you so unfair, always being with gege in school on his first day but not with me"?

I guess my answer will be, "because mommy knows you can handle it yourself, and mommy doesn't need to worry about you at all". Will that be a compliment to him?

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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