Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ;
7:57 PM
26 Jan

Had an impromptu early bday celebration for ds1. It was totally not planned. My mom happened to buy more stuff from NTUC and the wet market that day. She offered to come to my place to cook.

Just so happened me and my sis arranged to go to Moms in Mind's showroom that day to browse and buy some nursing wear, and my bro-in-law took leave to take care of my niece and nephew and ferry my sis around. So they were invited to my place as well.

My dad's feet are painful so he didn't join, and Dh was informed and he was agreeable, so we turned it into ds1's bday dinner since so many people were available for dinner. haha.

I went to Jurong Point's Bakerzin to get an Oreo cheesecake and we're set.

Here's a pic with my sis and her family. It was tough to get a good pic with 4 squirmy active kids. This was the best I could do.

And my mom with her 4 grandkids and coming 5. Not too bad, she has 2 offspring but 5 and perhaps more (not from me though) grand-offspring.

Just the 4 of us. See ds2 not interested in posing, but already eyeing the cake. Btw, he had soooo much cake (even ate ds1's leftovers) till he had to sit in the toilet soon after that.

And the simple but heartwarming meal my mom prepared. Really looks very very simple. But it fed all of us and had so much leftovers.

Too many people have their birthdays in Jan and Feb, I think. Another cousin's birthday.
And then there is our 3rd, our baby in the family, also around this time. I hope it doesn't coincide with ds1's exact birthdate though, cos I think kids like to have their own special unique day. If they had to share bday celebrations every year, it might not be that special?

This cousin's bday was at my in laws' place. Ds1 will have a cake at my in laws' place this coming Sunday too. Is it this way with most Singaporean families too? A cake with the mom's side plus all the cousins from that side, a cake with the dad's side, a cake with church friends.... anymore?

Sometimes, one more within the own nuclear family? And one more in preschool or school?

I only know, when they grow bigger, it would be with many more friends. So right now, I'm just happy they like and want to celebrate it with us.

Right after this particular celebration at my in laws' place, I went home and started having intense contractions. It came regularly at night till about 3min apart, and that's when I thought, oh no, is it time? Fortunately I didn't wake my mom or the whole world, cos I thought I'd just wait.

It petered out in the morning, and then died down. Hmm, my first practice run...

And then these relatively more intense tightenings (more so that the Braxton-Hicks that I had experienced before) continued sometimes over Mon till now. But always never increasing past 5min interval, so I know it is not the real thing. However, it does affect my day somewhat.

I get tired, hot, sweaty, and have to stop what I am doing sometimes. So when I was walking to Jurong Point to run an errand, I would have to pretend to browse in the display window. While actually I was having a bad cramp, and I would lean against the pillar or window, cos the pelvis seemed very loose and painful. Weird, didn't experience it this bad for the previous 2 pregnancies. I just didn't want too much attention, so I had to keep acting like I was a normal browsing customer.

I can't walk too much or do too much without having to sit down and rest also. Really feel very old and clumsy.

My friend says all these practice runs may result in an easier actual labour. Let's hope and pray it is true!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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