Monday, December 28, 2009 ;
1:18 AM
The first few days in Dec passed by in a flurry cos there were contractors, my designer, kitchen people, plumber, City Gas, PUB, HDB Town Council pp etc to meet up with as they trooped to my house.

Not to mention delivery of appliances and the various demonstrations.

Then I had obgyn appt, and I renewed my kids' and my passports cos of the church camp trip (ds2's passport is valid for less than 6mth, so I decided to renew everyone's).

Also engaged a part-time helper for the first time in Sg, thru an agency. After she came and left our newly renovated apt, I started to miss my Tianjin ayi so much that I called her. Sigh. Sg's part time helpers are so much more expensive yet not as competent. Or maybe, should I say, they are purposefully less hardworking, more assertive and like to waste time so time pass faster and then they just get what they want to earn and leave.

And why use a hard coconut bristle brush to brush my new toilet seat that had been so smooth and shiny and now full of abrasive scratches? Sigh.

After she cleaned my windows, I had to do them over myself too. Not very clean. (She comes 1x a week, abt 3 or 4 hr each time.)

Anyway... Let me see how to change another one. Will update if I do.

Then perhaps due to all the strain and bending and carrying of heavy stuff, my lower back started to ache like mad. Even when I am sitting. But extremely bad when I rise up to a standing position from a sitting position. And I can't walk properly due to the pain. The lower pelvis bones seem to all be coming apart, like they grate together or go loose alternately. Anyway, it became very painful to walk.

So I made an appt with an osteopath after I got a recommendation. Had contemplated and researched the difference between a chiropractor and osteopath and then decided on the latter.
The one recommended was booked till Feb next year! So I was referred to the other lady osteopath in the same practice.

My appt was right after the church camp. She was nice and patient and helpful. And she moved my limbs and did massage and felt my spine and listened to the movement of my cerebrospinal fluid (!), and gave me some exercises and suggestions to help alleviate. After her manipulations and massage, when I got up, I was fine. But the pain came back the next day!!! After of course, another round of mopping the new place's floor cos of new dust that settled as another batch of workers came in to install stuff. (I bend down on my knees to mop with a cloth lah, that was the bad thing.)

So I decided no need for more osteopathy. It'll just be like that till I deliver, just bear with it for another month!!!

I had many more appts till I forgot to attend my ex-student's wedding. Furthermore ds2 was sick that day, coughing and all. Sigh, it's so rare I get invited to a student's wedding and I missed it. I was very apologetic of course, and will send her a card and vouchers when she gets back from her honeymoon. So bad of me...

The other medical appt was for ds1.

21 Dec
NUH paediatric opthalmology dept at Biopolis

ds1's doc was very very nice. She has a son of her own and is very good with kids, and she explained all her stuff to me and ds1 very well. The rest of the staff there were so friendly and patient too. I am very impressed with govt restructured hospitals nowadays.

My experience at SGH and KKH were excellent as well.

Anyway, so ds1 first had a normal check of his eyes. The Malay guy who did it for him using the lenses and eye chart was very friendly and humourous. He wore very hip and funky clothes also, with leather jacket, shiny pants and all.

He found both of ds1's eyes to be 250 degrees! So the doc suggested he use eyedrops to relax and dilate the eye because of the ability of the eye muscles in kids below 8yo to accomodate very well and thus not get a reliable reading via the normal testing.

So we had a nice wait while ds1 had 4 eye drops first. 1st 2 as anesthesia, then the dilator thingy. Wait 5 min, another 2 drops. Another 5 min, another 2 drops, then 30min, another 2 drops. Then wait to test again with the Malay guy. (Doc praised ds1 for being so brave cos the drops were very stinging. ds1 didn't struggle or cry or anything, while the doc said her own son had to be restrained and some other kids had to be pinned down in order to get the drops. Maybe she's just being nice. Somehow ds1 didn't think it was a big deal. He did go "ouch" and grab my hand when the eye drops went in. That's all.)

During the wait, I could read the magazines and the Straits Times there, while they turned on the TV's okto channel for ds1. The doc said he might have blurry vision or sensitivity to bright lights for about 8hrs or a day, but funny it didn't affect his ability to watch okto.

Still similar results after the drops, so the doc gave a prescription for his spects. We discussed lazy eye, and the doc gave ds1 a test (which she told him was a game) to confirm it is not amblyopia. It was a very fun test consisting of many dots and arrows.

I also asked about all the current methods to help delay myopia progression in kids used by parents nowadays, like the Eye Relax machine, ortho-k lens, progressive lens, etc, and she gave her comments.

I also told ds1 to have better reading habits and take better care of his eyes. The doc commented that since he had myopia so young, it is most probably a genetic reason. Though of course, good eye care will help slow the progression in the next few years. I am just concerned cos till now, my left eye is just 275 degrees. I was 250 only in JC I think and he's only 6. Sigh.

The doc suggested to have his spects made at 200 deg first, then we'll have a follow up appt in 6 mth time. She asked if I'd rather go to the main NUH building. I said no, this Biopolis clinic is so clean, with less patients and there was ample parking, so I'd prefer going to the Biopolis one.

The same afternoon, we went to Jurong Point to get his spects done. He was very particular and at once decided on the frame he wanted. Very specific taste. His head and face are so small, so any spects look big on him. :-)

So this is his new look....

As the boys shared a book on another day, it got me thinking, when would it be ds2's turn? Now I have to keep reminding both of them to keep a distance away from the book, have good lighting and take frequent rests.

Oh yes, before my gas pipe was concealed properly, I couldn't use my cooker hob for the longest time. I was raring to have a home-cooked meal though, and only my oven could be used. So I did some roasts.

This was therefore our first meal at home after we moved in.

Lamb cutlets, pork ribs, corn, peas, and baked potato. All done in the oven.

Nothing fancy, but since it is memorable, being our first meal on the new dining table in our newly done place, I must document it. :-)

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