Sunday, December 20, 2009 ;
9:05 PM
A pic of ds1's toothless look.

His 2 upper incisors have fallen off, as blogged previously and the new ones are still slow in emerging. Can only see the tip of the left one and nothing of the permanent right one yet.

We were in my obgyn's office, waiting to see him when I took the pic. It was a longer wait than usual that day and both kids were with me, so I was too free. I read Jamie Oliver's book while waiting also. My obgyn has very interesting books and magazines in the waiting room, thankfully.

The kids liked reading all the messages on the heart-shaped pieces of paper hung on the Xmas tree. I asked them to "admire" the abstract art on the wall and told them it'd be great if they can paint like that, looks so simple, yet can earn so much money through selling one painting. haha.

You know how my kids are so accident-prone and how many scrapes they've gotten into right?
But somehow, so far, God has blessed us with no major accidents. We haven't had to rush to hospital with either kid yet.

The other day though, both boys were playing on the Kawai digital piano in my mil's house when something happened.

Ok, let's give some background. My mil gave my Dh's brother (my bil) a baby grand last time, when we moved to Utah. Used to be ours but my mil bought over it when we wanted to sell it. So it's at my bil's house. And his kids were learning how to play the piano then, so he had bought a Kawai digital piano. Now his kids are not using the Kawai but the Yamaha baby grand. And ds1 just started taking piano lessons from Dh's friend.

So we were thinking if we should get an upright when mil reminded us that bil can lend us the Kawai, so we agreed.

Bil brought the Kawai over. It has this foldable metal stand (you know, like how the ironing board stands are?). It is like an X when opened. Apparently it wasn't the original stand for the Kawai, and the Kawai is too heavy for it, but we didn't know. Dh found out later.

So the digi piano was on the stand and both boys were playing on it. They played all kinds of things they made up, and were getting more and more into it, like rock band keyboardists, if you can visualise.

Dh and I were not in the same room (living room), neither was mil. But we were a short distance away in the dining room.

Suddenly we heard a loud crash and ds1 started crying. ds1 seldom cries nowadays, and this was a really loud cry. We rushed to the scene to see lots of blood. Like really lots. Dripping on the floor, and onto ds1's clothes. Worse, his left hand was still pinned under the Kawai. And it was not those light Yamaha or Casio synthesizer. It was a digital piano.

In that instance, there was no time to find out what had happened yet, so I tried to free ds1's hand. He shouted even louder when I touched his fingers, so I stood back and let Dh remove the Kawai first. It was too heavy for me to lift up even!

With the Kawai out of the way, ds1 managed to stand up. We saw that both his hands were crushed! How come?? Weird. My mil's legs became jelly (she told me later she was so shocked), she thought his finger bones must have all been broken. She rushed to ds1 and comforted him. He cried and cried but still holding his fingers up. Dh was angry and scolded both of them. He felt they must have been fooling around, which caused the piano to fall.

ds2 looked very terrified, he kept staring at ds1's hands and at all the dripping blood and he almost cried too, as he asked me "how is ds1" repeatedly.

Somehow when something happens, I tend to stand aside and observe everything first. I don't know if that's good cos in mil's eyes, I was too cool and unconcerned. She was the first to rush to ds1. For me, I kind of usually take in everything before reacting. Maybe it was shock, maybe it is just my character not to react immediately.

So anyway, after observing that Dh is shouting, ds2 is terror-stricken and mil is too scared to do anything, while ds1 is still wailing, and no one was doing anything to stop the bleeding, I finally snapped into action. I brought ds1 to clean up his wounds before I can assess the damage, since there was too much blood to see how bad the wounds are.

I think he was too overwhelmed by the blood so I kept telling him it was ok, that his injuries were minor and would heal soon (even though I had no idea).

While washing with water, I realised it was not that superficial. 4 fingers were involved. 2 on each hand. 3 more serious, 1 superficial. Of the 3, one finger was really badly crushed, with multiple cuts, and the nail looked flattened and blood was oozing out from under the nail. Part of the flesh underneath the nail had turned purple.

Ds1 stopped crying soon. He also knew Dh was angry, so Dh's scolding worked somewhat, to keep him from being too hysterical. After most of the blood was washed away and his wounds cleaned, plus reassurance that it was not serious, he was pretty much calmed down.

I had to use a lot of gauze to bandage his fingers though. And for the most serious wound, blood and pus still kept oozing out hours after. He's so poor thing. Sigh.

This pic was taken 2 days after the incident.

So what had happened actually? No one knows for sure. ds2 was incapable of giving a coherent account. Everytime he related it, details were different.

ds1 said they were playing on the piano when ds2 banged too hard on his side, causing the piano to tilt and shift. As it was going to fall off the stand, ds1 said he reached out with both hands to try and stabilise it, to move it back onto the stand. That's when the piano fell, landing on one of his hands while the metal stand folded up, crushing his other hand in between the hinges. As it was made of sharp metal edges, it cut up his fingers badly.

Actually we cringed when we looked at the metal stand. Indeed, the foldable part looked very dangerous.

We don't know if it was entirely true, cos it made ds1 the victim and ds2 the perpetrator, while ds2 vehemently denied banging on the piano too hard. So we didn't blame either party but reminded them to be very careful next time. And that if any heavy thing was going to fall, neither of them was to go and try and carry it.

Imagine a motorcycle or huge cabinet going to fall on them and they trying to stabilise it instead of running away! Dangerous indeed.

Even 2 days after, when ds1 accidentally added more pressure or played too rough with ds2, the wounds will bleed again. This pic shows a re-bleed.

Another finger.

We were initially not sure if we had to go to the doctor for the most serious one cos some cuts were deeper and we didn't know if they'd heal properly without stitches, but thankfully kids' skin regenerate very quickly and his finger looks fine now.

Must pray for less such accidents to occur! I know a childhood is incomplete without accidents, but let's hope they are always minor!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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