Saturday, December 26, 2009 ;
9:20 PM
Some church activities that haven't been blogged about:

27 Nov


It was the Four Seas Bible College Graduation/ Commencement exercise and 6 students were graduating and then returning to their home countries.

We went as a family. Always nice to see them study so hard for 1-3 years, do well and graduate. We will miss them as they leave Singapore to go home, but we know we'll still meet again someday, somehow.

28 Nov

There was cottage meeting at Lai Mui's house, or rather, mansion, as we like to call it, since it is so very huge - 5 storeys...

This time there was no potluck because she catered for food. Pretty relaxing for all those who went, so we chipped in to buy her a gift instead.

This was the last session in 2009 so there was an introduction of the new person-in-charge and also some sharing and discussion, and of course, singing.

6 Dec
JBC Prize-giving and Parents meet teacher session

This year my boys kinda "played cheat". Usually the gifts are given to the students who attended a whole year of Sunday school, but my boys have been back since Sept only, yet they get to receive prizes. No one's complaining of course.

Started off with singing some children's songs. They sat by classes, and ds2 is seen in the 1st row of chairs beside Ch. Can see ML also. They are part of the Nursery class. Cradle Roll kids do not need seats cos all the babes are in their moms' arms. :-) ds1 can be seen 2 rows back, with MX and Celeste.

Then there was a quick Bible quiz as an ice-breaker game I think. 2 Qs per level/ class. And ds2 and ML got prizes for the Nursery class Qs. ds2 answered "How to spell Jesus". Well, even if he didn't know the answer, the word was written so big and clear on the blackboard! So that was a giveaway.

He was just fast in putting up his hand, and why did he do that? He saw that the prize included a tissue pack with Ben 10 on it. Hmmm, talk about misguided motivation. I sure hope it wasn't just that.

ds1 got a prize for the Kindy class quiz too. His Q was something related to obedience or discipline, I can't quite recall it, but I remember Mary turning to me and saying "wah, you train your son well huh!". So I was quite proud of that. haha. Sounds very superficial cos I was proud of myself more than of ds1, since I can't even remember what he answered correctly, sigh.

After that, it was time for prize-presentation for every student, and each parent will receive a student report on our kids' performance during the year. This is ds1 and his teacher.

ds2 and his teacher.

All the babies from Cradle Roll got to get their presents with their mommies. This is my barely 2 mth old nephew and my sis, receiving his "award" from his teacher.

Photo-taking after that. Cradle Roll class with babies from 0-2 or 3, if their moms or the teacher feel they should remain in the class. Big range of ages here.

I'm also in the pic not cos I'm pregnant lah. Cos I helped to teach several lessons and so am considered one of the teachers.

Nursery class, mostly 3-4 yr olds. ds2 is here, again in between 2 girls, should be his closest friends in the class since the mommies are close friends too. :-)

ds1 with his kindy class. 5-6 yr olds.

ds1 got a whole box of very useful things for P1. Stationery and so on.
ds2 got this game below. Both of them enjoyed playing with it. The aim is not to let the precariously balanced plastic tray topple while continuing to place tokens onto it.

The tokens have to be placed at specific numbered positions according to the die number thrown. Quite exciting towards the end. This pic shows just the middle of the game, and it's really very tilted already!

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