Sunday, December 27, 2009 ;
11:07 PM
We moved into our new flat, that was not totally done up yet, just before the church camp. That was 11th Dec.

We had just 1 day on the 12th to get some urgent things hooked up and settled before we left early on 13th morning for church and then directly to Desaru for the camp (13-16 Dec).

We forgot to bring several things cos we were so last minute in packing, and not to mention, couldn't find a lot of things too.

But we still had a great time. I liked the drive. We always enjoy road trips... The driving part is a huge part of the fun..

The resort was nice. Besides following the church camp schedule, there was free time for our own family activities too.

The kids had a splashing good time at the pool. Dh brought them down while Angeling and I sat with the towels on the deck chairs chatting. Mary and my sis also brought the kids. Everyone had a great time.

The outdoor playground was fun for the boys too.

I was so glad for the kids' classes. It allowed me to attend all the discussions and lessons without worrying about my kids being occupied. They in turn, had fun with their friends and teachers. I felt it was a good bonding experience, since normally on Sun or Wed, they don't get that much time to spend with their friends or these 2 particular teachers.

There were indoor and outdoor games. In my state, of course I joined only the indoor games.

This was one funny game where each group had to continue a story for 5min where each member can only say 1 word. We cannot pause, otherwise we'd be out. The story had a fixed starting and ending.

This is Dh's group and theirs was the most entertaining. It was about a trip to the wet market, and somehow they ended up talking about jellyfish!

During the indoor games, the kids will play by themselves at the back of the auditorium. Moms with toddlers will be there too, like my sis and Mary. So I confidently left my kids playing there and joined in the games wholeheartedly. I think this is the 1st camp since ds1 was born that I was able to fully join in the activities, cos the previous camps, I was the mom with the toddlers!

Another game that involved blindfolding members and placing them in different parts of the room and getting them to find each other again.

The beach was so alluring. We strolled along, collected pebbles and shells and admired the many crabs. Kids having some fun with YY.

Dh and ds1.

Meals were all buffet-style. We happened to meet another church group from Singapore there! A coincidence. Met an ex-student and Dh met his orchestra mate.

We sat with different church friends for different meals. Here's one of the breakfasts or lunches.

A dinner group pic.

L and ds1 with one of their most fav kor kors.

Entire camp group pic. Wearing camp tee.

My group.

On the last night, it's called the Family Night and there were so many wacky games. One of the them was to send out reps from each group. Dh was his group's rep. They had to try and tie a knot on a candy rope/ string, using only their tongues!!!!

So tough. I'd never be able to do it. Some who tried and tried just could not do it. It remained a fight between Angeling and Dh! Both of them did 5 or 6, I can't recall, but it was no mean feat! Some tried and got 1. Many could not. I didn't try but I am very sure I'd fail!

Group pic at family night.

Dh's group got overall 2nd prize. Both boys had the privilege to go up with him to collect the prize.

That's Dh's group. My group got 3rd. Each group received a lot of goodies to gorge on.

It was very late after the Family Night already but the kids wanted to play this last game of Magic Cards before going back to our room to sleep.

Since it is the last night, we let them.

On the way back, we followed 2 other families to eat at a Channel U recommended seafood restaurant, and then stop to shop at Jusco before heading back to Singapore. It was a Wed, so we all met up at the church building again for Bible class.

We love church camps and we'd try not to miss any, looking forward to the next one!

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