Tuesday, November 3, 2009 ;
2:08 PM
This morning, bright and early, ds1 woke up and he remembered his tooth. He searched under his pillow and found a S$2 note. He was so excited.

So I smiled and exclaimed, "Ooh, the tooth fairy left something for you, huh?"

To me, he happily beamed and said, "Yes, I love the tooth fairy!"

He rushed to the toilet where his brother was and dashed in to show ds2 the $2.

He shouted, "Look! I got $2 from mommy because my tooth fell out!"

I was surprised.

Kids.... Actually they may know all along that Santa, Tooth fairy, Easter bunny, whatever, that these are all not real. But for the fun of it, THEY play along with us. It's not the other way around now, is it? Us making it fun for them?

ds1 never told me he thought I was the tooth fairy. He never said "nah, tooth fairies are not real". I read him those stories and showed them those video clips on YouTube, and they're all magical and full of fairy-tale fun. But somehow they assume and know in real life, the parents play the part of all these "nice magical characters".

It's good though. If he continues to play along, I can still have my own fun when it comes to no. 2 and no.3's turn.

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